Kalinga International Buddhist Conclave

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4th Kalinga International Buddhist Conclave  kicked off at Udayagiri


Report;Akshya Rout,Odishabarta 

JAJPUR, (11/04/2017):Large numbers of tourists particularly overseas tourists   will visit the famous Buddhist sites at Lalitagiri, Ratnagiri , Udagiri, Langudi , Kaima , Radhanagar , Brajagiri ,  Neulapur and other places of Jajpur district  as the government is determined to highlight these places in the second International Buddhist conference , said Debiprasad Mishra the minister , industries and school and mass education  while addressing the  4th Kalinga International Buddhist Conference at Udayagiri on Monday.


The famous Buddhist sites in Lalitagiri, Udayagiri and Ratnagiri  in Jajpur district of the state are fit to get the status of World Heritage Sites like Sun Temple of Konark.  The government has  already prepared an ambitious master plan to develop Buddhist sites in Jajpur district as a tourist hub to attract more foreign and domestic travellers. Jajpur district has a special place on the World Buddhist spots,   added  Mishra.


The basic objective of the international conference  is to create awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage and  to promote tourism.


The ancient Buddhist sites of Sarnath in Uttar Pradesh , where Lord Buddha preached his first sermon, Buddhist monastery in Sanchi of Madhya Pradesh , Buddhagaya In Bihar ,Buddhist caves in Ajanta and Ellora find places on UNESCO 's World Heritage List . The  success of this conference will pave the way to declare these sites  in Odisha as World Heritage sites. The district administration stopped illegal quarrying in these sites , added  Mishra.


Many Buddhist scholars of other states and countries are unaware of the rich Buddhist heritage of our state  and this conference will be useful for them to know about the historic Buddhist sites of Odisha,added  Mishra.


 Addressing the conference  Dr  Sunil Patnaik   the secretary of  the government run Odisha  Institute of Maritime and South East Asian Studies(OIMSEAS)  termed these areas as treasure houses of history that is just waiting for the arrival of large numbers of tourists. Visitors can travel through this Buddhist Circuit in a very economic package to savour splendid beauty and great appeal of Buddhism.


At least  230 noted Buddhist scholars  including  65 from around the ten  countries   attended  the International Buddhist conclave   at Udayagiri.  The culture and tourism department of the state is organizing the conference to attract more tourists, researchers to the Buddhist sites of the state  . All the delegates  will visit   the famous Buddhist sites of Udayagiri, Ratnagiri, Lalitagiri, Langudi, Kaima and other places of Jajpur district during their three day long stay in Udayagiri. 


The conference was addressed by the collector Ranjan Das, Arati Ahuja the secretary  of tourism depart and others.

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