CDPO arrested in Odisha

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CDPO arrested in Odisha for accepting bribe





Bhubaneswar,01/09/17: Kabita Chhotray, C.D.P.O. Bhubaneswar Rural was caught red handed by the Officers of Vigilance, BhubaneswarDivision, while demanding and accepting bribe of Rs. 50,000/- from Smt. Banabasini Mallik, W/o. Dhaneswar Mallik, Vill. Jayapur, PS. Dhauli, Dist. Khurda (Secretary of Dhauli S.S.G) for passing of Chhatua bills amounting  Rs. 5,60,706/-. Smt. Mallik consisting of 11 members of Dhauli S.S.G. had submitted Chhatua bills for the month of June and July-2017 through C.D.P.O. for forwarding the same to the Dist. Magistrate Khurda for payment. Smt. Chhotray demanded bribe of Rs. 50,000/- for the above purpose. Finding no other option Complt. Smt. Mallik reported the matter to S.P. Vigilance Bhubaneswar for taking legal action. 


Accordingly, a trap was laid on 01.09.2017 afternoon. The Complt. went to the office of C.D.P.O. at Bhubvaneswar being called by the accused and on demand by Smt Chhotray, the Complt. handed over the bribe money of Rs. 50,000/- to Smt. Chhotray, C.D.P.O. Smt. Chhotray received the bribe money in her left hand, kept the same in an envelope and counted the same by using both hands. Then she kept the bribe money inside her vanity bag. The wash of her both hands as well as vanity bag rubbed with a piece of cotton was taken in sodium carbonate solution, which gave positive chemical reaction. The bribe money of Rs. 50,000/- was recovered and seized forthwith. Accused Smt. Chhotray, C.D.P.O. has been arrested and is being forwarded to the Court today. Search of the residential house of the accused at Plot No. 25-P Sahid Naqgar Bhubaneswar as well as of her office at Bhubaneswar are going on.  In this connection, Bhubaneswar Vigilance P.S. case No.40 dt. 31.08.2017 U/s 7 P.C. Act, 1988 has been registered and under investigation. 



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