Sujata Mohapatra, Murder

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Sujata Mohapatra, LIC Agent murder case: Accused arrested


Repor;Rajesh Mohapatra,Odishabarta


ROURKELA,13/08/17:On February 16th Sector-7 police has traced one dead body of a lady near Sector-6 Tarini Palli after getting information from locals. It was sensational news then. Her throat was badly slit and also cut marks were found in her face. Body was identified by her father Ex. teacher Ispat Vidyalaya, Lokanath Mohapatra. It was a very pathetic information and murder of a lady who was unmarried and was a known face among fellow LIC agents of LIC, Uditnagar Branch. Police had a great challenge to trace the accused and seized the Pleasure scooter of the deceased but the mobile phone and her vanity bag was missing from the spot of murder. In between police has also interrogated one person under suspicion but finally they got charged when they found the missing mobile phone get activated. After tracing its locations it is no where than the Tarini Palli area, soon the police raided and found the mobile phone from a lady who told later it was given by Sagar Mukhi one resident of the same area. Police then tracked the movement and arrested both the accused Sagar Mukhi and Bhole Mukhi both are neighbors. After the interrogation Sagar had confessed of the crime and detailed how they had murdered Sujata Mohapatra, LIC Agent who was staying in Koelnagar. Both these accused was daily laborers and running shortage of money for sometime because of lack of work assignment. This problem became stronger when mother-in-law of Sagar who died in Chakradharpur. He was in need of money for the last rights of her in-law mother. Thinking to arrange, he could remember Sujata Mohapatra of Koelenagar from whom he has done one LIC policy. Having sane thing in mind, he thought to loot her by calling her to the hill side and found it a prudent idea. He seeks the help of his friend Bholi who immediately agreed and as per the plan they called Sujata to settle some dispute of land cases. Sujat confirmed Sagar of his presence in the evening because of her work assignment. As committed, she reached the place, finding her alone Sagar with a iron rod hit her head, when she felled from the scooter they tried to hold her but Sujata somehow managed to get up and tried to ran but Sagar hold her tightly form back and asked Bholi to kill her. Initially Bholi didn’t want to kill her but Sagar said he will be rewarded with money if he kills her. Bholi then slit her throat with a knife and killed her. Bothe the accused then flew from the spot with Rs.1200 in her vanity bag and the mobile phone. This confession by the accused somehow is not accepted by the near and dears of the deceased but anyway police have forwarded both the accused to court after undertaking their health check up. A 26 days investigation finally came to an end and it was indeed a good job done by the Sector-7 police. Pressure was there on police looking at sensitiveness of the murder case.

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