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Pravakar, Music On Stone

Friday, 08 December 2017 14:22 Written by


By Saroj Kumar Jena,

Associated Media Foundation

Bhubaneswar, Immortality as far as we’re concerned. Nothing in this world lasts forever, but did you know that stone, they claim  it deteriorates one-sixteenth of an inch every hundred years(?).  Sri Pravakar Moharana, a National awardee for stone carving. He is a person with strong determination, uninterrupted hunt for creativity and innovation to explore the beauty associated with skill and craft.  A  timeless skill in danger of being forgotten but brought to life in beautiful arts and incredible skill and craft by a great stone carver of all time wel-come to the world of the Stone carver Sri Prabhakar  Moharana . not only in the country Moharana proved his mettle in several international forums.

He has brought pride and accolades for the country and state by representing the traditional stone sculpture art of Odisha in many international forums. Countries like Brazil, Malaysia, Perth, Singapore, France, Zimbawe, Australia, Italy has got chances to explore Mr Moharans artistic exposures. On the eve of 50 years independence celebration of India, he visited Brazil in South  America in 1997 and demonstrated the exquisite artistic skills of Stone Sculpture of Odisha. He has significantly contributed to the promotion of traditional stone crafts of Odisha in countries such as  Australlia(Perth) in 1998 & 2000, Malaysia & Singapore in 2003, France (Paris) in 2007, Italy (Milan) in 2007 & 2009, South Africa (Zimbabwe) in 2013. He has demonstrated the craftsmanship skills and enriched the cultural glory of the country under the sponsorship of Ministry of Textile, Government of India, (Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) and Temple of Fine Arts International, Coimbatore, India.

Mr Moharana was born into an artisan family near the historical Sun temple of Konark in 1960. During his childhood and schooling days he was attracted towards drawings and paintings.  that tempted him so much, he visited temple to draw sketches of different art forms of sculptures and paintings.

Observing his talents his father late Sadhu Charan Moharana, who is an artist in wood carving put him in ‘state handicrafts training centre’headed by Gokul Chandra Patnaik,  to be trained in stone sculpture in 1975 There he was groomed under another national awardee guru Satyabadi Moharana He perfected himself under guru LaL Mohan Moharana and inthe year 1997 started his own production unit in Bhubaneswar.

Pravakar provided opportunity to the talented and needy boys who come from remote villages to work with him. Till date 150 of such boys have been trained by him. In addition he also had the opportunity to train 90 potential needy boys under different training programmers including SHTP and Guru Sisya Parampara of Development Commissioner (Handicraft) Govt. of India since 1988. It is noteworthy to mention here that the first SHTP  was inaugurated by Sri Kalyan Dey Ex- Regional Director (DCH) at village Sujanagar, Puri which is the native village of Sri Moharana. The Govt. of Odisha has also given him an opportunity to train 15 needy Sisyas – disciples under the Guru Sisya Parmpara scheme during 2011-12. All of his students are now employed and flowering thousands of budding artisans of tomorrow who could preserve and promote the pristine glory of stone art . As of today there are many of his students who are working in Akshyaradham Temple in New Delhi. In 1997 when the Mater Creation programme of Delhi Haat was started by DC(H), Sri Moharana has been able to participate in the programme five times to demonstrate the works of his students and sale the products produced by them. He has started Pravakar Creative Art Gallery at Nagar Bazar in Kolkata where the works of his students are sold. In addition to this, he supplies the stone crafts produced by his students to CCIC in Delhi so as to provide marketing opportunity and regular income to the trained students. Every year on the occasion of Guru Diwas, All students visit the Guru at his workshop cum residence and celebrate the occasion by honouring the Guru. This has up held the Guru Sisya parampara (Tradition) to strengthen soldierly and the bondage of relationship between Guru & Sisya

As a Master Crafts Person, Mr Maharana excelled quickly in his profession.   He was conferred with State Award in 1987 for his outstanding piece of work in stone Carving on “Surya Narayan of Konark Temple”.He was bestowed with the prestigious National Award on Stone Sculpture in 1992 for his magnificent craftsmanship in Stone Sculpture based on the concept of “Kandarpa Hasti” (Kandarpa Elephant imbibed from Mathura Vijaya) . He was conferred with prestigious national honor of “Chinta “O” Chetana” in the year 2012 in recognition and appreciation of his craftsmanship skills.

Pravakar has not only promoted the name and fame of the country but also earned foreign currency by displaying and selling stone sculptures of Odisha in international markets. His unique way of displaying his body posture to show the different stone statutes earned him “Best Artist award from Temple of Fine Arts” in Malaysia. Under the leadership of Buddha Guru Sri Dalai Lama he has established many stone crafted Buddha Statues in Bhutan, Himachal Pradesh, Japan, Tibet and Taiwan that has brought him appreciation from many art lovers and Buddhists. His stone craft includes a charm and originality of its own and pristine beauty that remains untouched by time. His work has been highly appreciated by former President of India Honourable Sankardayal Sharma, Former Prime Ministers Honorable Chandra Sekhar and Honorable P.V Narasimha Rao. His craftsmanship skills and works have been highlighted by different newspapers &Television in India and abroad. He has been honored by the Supreme Court of Bhutan for installation of Buddha Statues in the Court. Under his direction “Sati Mata Temple” in Surat, Gujrat and “Jagannath Temple” in Nigeria are being constructed. Presently 8 feet high Abalokeswara Statue is now ready to be dispatched to Vietnam. Work of 18 feet long Buddha statue has already started for Taiwan.

Mr Maharana’s works are distinct, unique and could be recognized by well-known artists in different places.

At the age of fifty six he works hard and sees that every piece of work is qualitatively good and different from others. He has long way to achieve his dreams of promoting the traditional stone sculpture of Odisha both in India and abroad. He deserves awards and accolades from different authorities towards recognition and appreciation of his wonderful craftsmanship skills. His one and only wish is to revive the languishing Konark Kala (art form) – let the craft survive, more and more artisans come to the occupation and earn a their livelihood to lead a dignified life.

 Pravakar is always happy in creating music on stones and making others to enjoy his arts and crafts as listening to devotional music. Pravakar’s crafts will live forever spreading its wings in different parts of the world to be loved by one and all.

Kalinga International Buddhist Conclave

Friday, 08 December 2017 14:22 Written by

4th Kalinga International Buddhist Conclave  kicked off at Udayagiri

Report;Akshya Rout,Odishabarta 

JAJPUR, (11/04/2017):Large numbers of tourists particularly overseas tourists   will visit the famous Buddhist sites at Lalitagiri, Ratnagiri , Udagiri, Langudi , Kaima , Radhanagar , Brajagiri ,  Neulapur and other places of Jajpur district  as the government is determined to highlight these places in the second International Buddhist conference , said Debiprasad Mishra the minister , industries and school and mass education  while addressing the  4th Kalinga International Buddhist Conference at Udayagiri on Monday.

The famous Buddhist sites in Lalitagiri, Udayagiri and Ratnagiri  in Jajpur district of the state are fit to get the status of World Heritage Sites like Sun Temple of Konark.  The government has  already prepared an ambitious master plan to develop Buddhist sites in Jajpur district as a tourist hub to attract more foreign and domestic travellers. Jajpur district has a special place on the World Buddhist spots,   added  Mishra.

The basic objective of the international conference  is to create awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage and  to promote tourism.

The ancient Buddhist sites of Sarnath in Uttar Pradesh , where Lord Buddha preached his first sermon, Buddhist monastery in Sanchi of Madhya Pradesh , Buddhagaya In Bihar ,Buddhist caves in Ajanta and Ellora find places on UNESCO 's World Heritage List . The  success of this conference will pave the way to declare these sites  in Odisha as World Heritage sites. The district administration stopped illegal quarrying in these sites , added  Mishra.

Many Buddhist scholars of other states and countries are unaware of the rich Buddhist heritage of our state  and this conference will be useful for them to know about the historic Buddhist sites of Odisha,added  Mishra.

 Addressing the conference  Dr  Sunil Patnaik   the secretary of  the government run Odisha  Institute of Maritime and South East Asian Studies(OIMSEAS)  termed these areas as treasure houses of history that is just waiting for the arrival of large numbers of tourists. Visitors can travel through this Buddhist Circuit in a very economic package to savour splendid beauty and great appeal of Buddhism.

At least  230 noted Buddhist scholars  including  65 from around the ten  countries   attended  the International Buddhist conclave   at Udayagiri.  The culture and tourism department of the state is organizing the conference to attract more tourists, researchers to the Buddhist sites of the state  . All the delegates  will visit   the famous Buddhist sites of Udayagiri, Ratnagiri, Lalitagiri, Langudi, Kaima and other places of Jajpur district during their three day long stay in Udayagiri.

The conference was addressed by the collector Ranjan Das, Arati Ahuja the secretary  of tourism depart and others.

Mondei-2017 Inaugurated

Friday, 08 December 2017 14:22 Written by

Block Level Mondei-2017 Inaugurated

Report;Basant Rath,Odishabarta 

Nabarangpur,19/11/17:Block level Mondei the annual tribal cultural festival of Nabarangpur was inaugurated from Jagannath temple of Indravati under Tentulikhunti block here on Sunday after performing rituals before the Trinity and obtained his divine ordain and lighted the symbolic torch  Mondei Mashal to mark the occasion.

Marking the occasion a procession was brought out “Mondei Mashal” coupled with tribal folk dances and music  passing through town reached near the festival podium at High School Ground. Later, the burning torch was installed on the podium by Chief guest ST/SC,Development Minister Ramesh Chandra Majhi, Chairperson of district planning committee and local mla Monohar Randhari, Dabugam MLA Bhujabala Majhi,  chairperson of  entulikhunti panchayat Samiti, Debaki Nayak, BDO Anakara Thakur, Secretary district council of culture and DIPRO, Haladhar Nial, were present.

Speaking at the function Chief Guest ST/SC Development Minister Ramesh Chandra Majhi, said through Mondei the district administration create awareness about the different government schemes demonstration stalls are set up to display the schematic benefits and disseminate information and the services provided by different line departments. It is an opportunity for the cottage and rural industries to display their products at a Handicrafts exhibition.

Nabarangpur mla  Randhari,  said  Mondei is a leading festival of the  district unique in its aim of spotting hidden talents in the field of art, culture and sports at the grass-root levels as well as to promote the rich cultural heritage of this region.

Presiding over the meeting Ms.Rashmita Panda said the festival provides local artistes an opportunity to interact with their counterparts from other states besides developmental activities, the traditional art, music and cultural activities.

The block level celebration of Mondei festival will continue till last week of November while the main festival will be held in December 8 to 12 at Nabarangpur town.

Tribal Children’s festival Sargiphula

Friday, 08 December 2017 14:22 Written by

Tribal Children’s festival Sargiphula concludes with creativity, hopes and despair

Report;Badal Tah,Odishabarta
Rayagada,22/11/17:Sargiphula literary means flower of sall tree botanically known as shorea robusta. This is the time sal flowers with their seed drop down from the trees and  then a slew of activities like collection, processing, packaging and marketing of this Non Timber Forest Product(NTFP) keep the tribal world engaged for additional income. Hence, the nomenclature “Shargiphula” is a befitting word given by the ST & SC Development Department, who is organising this children’s festival especially in residential tribal schools all over the state of Odisha since year 2010.
This year the festival was inaugurated by Sri N Bhaskar Rao, Rajya Sabha MP as Chief Guest who advised the students to inculcate leadership so that they became good bureaucrats, political representatives and ultimately good citizens. “The state is concerned about the education of the tribal children and for this reason, residential hostels for 56000 children have been constructed for holistic development”, said Mr.Rao. Smt.Guha Punam Tapas Kumar, IAS, Collector, who joined as Guest of Honour applauded the study atmosphere in SSD schools like ancient Gurukul. To supplement the reading habits and strengthen the point of reference for further studies, she declared that libraries will be established in each high school and higher secondary levels. 
Sri Lal Bihari Himirika, MLA, Rayagada and Ex-Tribal Minister and present District Planning Board Chairman joining as Guest of Honour reminisced the important events of last seven years journey of Shargiphula. Sri Muralidhar Swain, PA, ITDA, Rayagada and in charge District Education Officer described the agenda for the coming three days. He also said how the students, who took part in the cultural activities during yesteryears, had excelled in the field of traditional dance, folk songs, tribal painting, one act plays, sports, life skills, etc. Shargifula is a strong medium where creativity by the tribal children can be showcased to their peer students and general public of the outer world. Declarations by the guests to provide a bunch of facilities in the future have created a lot of hopes in the students.

Sri Jagannath Saraka, MLA, Bissam Cuttack, Sri Abhimanyu Mahapatra, DWO, Rayagada, Principal, Ekalabya Model Residential School(EMRS) spoke on the occasion. Sri Dwiti Chandra Sahu, Asstt Teacher of Bhakurguda School and a local budding columnist whose book on Saura Adbasi Guru Mangei Gamang was inaugurated on the occasion, moderated the inaugural ceremony.
Though the district level event went on for three days in the EMRS near Barijhola village with a science exhibition, a sand art, photo exhibition and few paintings exhibited, the closing ceremony bore less interest among the tribal students. Though a glossy invitation card mentioned the time to begin the event by 5 PM, the chairs meant for persons on the stage and the audience were almost empty till seven at night. The ADWO, who was present in the venue, informed that the programme might begin late at night due to RDC’s review with all the guests like Collector, SP, ADM, PD-DRDA, PA-ITDA, Rayagada, PA-ITDA, Gunupur, Sub-Collector-Rayagada, Sub-Collector-Gunupur, DPC, Special Officer-Lanjia Soura Development Agency, Special Officer-Dangaria Kandha Development Agency, etc. Not a single guest arrived at the venue. The students were left at lurch because of a Super Babu’s visit and review with the said guests. “There is an event of prize distribution for the students successful in different competitions held. May be, this is the reason, some students are eagerly waiting amidst a cold night for the arrival of the coveted guests, of course with hopes and despair. Here all is not well because it has not ended well”, said Sri Deepak Kumar Prusty, a senior scribe of the district, who paid a visit to the event spot alongwith this correspondent.

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‘Vedvyas Sangeet Nrutyostav’

Friday, 08 December 2017 14:22 Written by

Five days long extravaganza ‘Vedvyas Sangeet Nrutyostav’ concluded

Report by:Rajesh Mohapatra,Odishabarta  

ROURKELA,07/11/17:Bhanja Kala Kendra, a leading socio-cultural organization in the city who has been organizing different events, ‘Vedvyas Sangeet Nrutyostav’ was one of the prominent cultural events where an eminent dance artist from different parts of India participates in these prestigious events. As awaited by the Rourkelaites, this event kicked up five days back and many beautiful performers performed their art & skill in-between. In the concluding the day, Juel Oram, Hon’ble Union Minister for Tribal Affairs graced the function as Chief Guest and had inaugurated the event with floral tributes to Lord Jagannath and lighting the lamp.

The colorful dance event was started with Kathak dance recital by Eminent Kathak Exponent, Ms. V Anuradha Singh. It was a splendid performance to watch which mesmerized the audience. Subsequent program was displayed by scintillating Jodi Sankha & Ranappa dance performance by the famous Sri Sri Nilakantheswar Kala Kendra of Ganjam followed by Nepali Folk Dance presented by Folk artists from Nepal. And finally Guru Binapani Rath and her students of Bhanja Kala Kendra recited a riveting group Odishi song. 

This extravaganza evening was witnessed by many art lovers of the city with few special dignitaries, i.e. Prashant Kumar Mohanty, GM In-Charge(Mills & Auxilliaries ( & President Bhanja Kala Kendra who delivered the welcome address, Radha Krishan Mohapatra, General Secretary, Bhanja Kala Kendra who coordinated the inaugural function and P K Mohapatra, DGM(MM) & Vice President, Bhanja Kala Kendra who proposed the vote of thanks. Mr.Shashank Pattnaik of PR department, RSP and Koena Dastidar had anchored the evening in their own style which made the event more momentous.

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