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Sunday, 26 August 2018 06:37 Written by

By; Prasanta Patnaik 

Bhubaneswar,23/08/18:internationally famous media person, writer, diplomat Kuldeep Nayar left for his heavenly abode today at Delhi. I feel it as a great personal loss to me because his love and affection and guidance. 

He was 95. Mr Nayar was admitted to Escorts Hospital five days ago. He had been suffering from pneumonia. He died at 12:30 am today, his elder son Sudhir Nayar said.

Born at Sialkot (now in Pakistan), Kuldip Nayar graduated with a law degree from Lahore before moving to India after Partition. He served as high commissioner to Britain in 1990 and was also nominated to the Rajya Sabha.

Mr Nayar is survived by his wife and two sons. He will be cremated today at Lodhi crematorium in south Delhi. 

In his autobiography published in 2012, he wrote about the collapse of trust between communities after Partition and how he was forced to migrate to Delhi across the blood-stained plains of Punjab. 

"From his perilous journey to a new country and to his first job as a young journalist in an Urdu daily, Nayar's account is also the story of India," the introduction to the book reads. 

From a young journalist in Anjam, he went on to head the news agency, UNI. His syndicated column, "Between the Lines", was appreciated for how he always stood for the freedom of the press. 

He has covered several historical turns that the country has seen, from the 1971 war with Pakistan to liberate Bangladesh to the Emergency of 1975.While working as the Editor of Indian Express his book the Judgement narrating the state of the country and the people after Mrs Indira Gandhi had declared national emergency following the judgement of Allahabad High Court. 

People tweeted condolences on hearing about the death of the senior journalist, some of them remembering the effectiveness of the journalism Mr Nayar pursued. 

Historian Ramachandra Guha tweeted, "...he was a journalist who followed the dictates of his conscience rather than the lure of money or fame... Nayar was not a prose stylist, and prone to the odd conspiracy theory, yet his commitment to interfaith harmony, his professional commitment and integrity, and his courage during the Emergency absolutely shine." 

Former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh gave his condolences in a letter to Bharti Nayar, the wife of Mr Nayar. 

President Mr Kovind as well as the Prime Minister Modiji have also condoled in his death praising his contribution to India and Indian Journalism. During my visit to Deli I was feeling proud and excited to meet him at his residence, sharing tea and food witth him. When Nayar was visiting Odisha he used to inform me and we were meeting.

During tenure of J.B. Patnaik Government , he visited Odisha as a member of the Editor Guild of India along with veteran journalist K. R. Malkani to probe into the allegation of atrocity on media persons and had submitted the report titled "Car rot and the Stick". 

The great journalist was having a very good personal library at his home, where I used to meet him to pay my regards. I pay my high tributes to this “VISMA PITAMAHA” of Indian Journalism and pray the almighty to rest his immortal soul in peace.


Saturday, 07 July 2018 16:17 Written by

Prasanta Patnaik 

My younger brother like Ashok Swain, who was only "Babuli" to me and "Babuli Bhai" for many in the Odia film industry left for his heavenly abode today the 7th July 2018 leaving behind wife Chhanda and children. 

Ashok was one of the best Cinematographer of our State who was honored with Jayadev Puraskar , highest State Award in film industry of Odisha. 

Born to parents Madar Dhar Swain and Pusparani Sawin of New Colony Mahtab Road, Cuttack Babuli was a real genius and loved by one and all in the film industry..Born in Cuttack town on the 10th of January 1948, Babuli Bhai is man of simple nature and a humble attitude. A man, who loves to be in a white clothing line always, walks round the sets with his bushy moustache and a French beard. He does not just wear white he lives with the color. Whatever he wears, may be a hat, a shoe, a jacket, he prefers white. 

After passing a Diploma in cinematography from S.J. Polytechnic, Bangalore, in 1969 he started working in various studios like AVM studios in Chennai, RK studios in Mumbai and has worked in various films. He then went onto work at Mysore as an assistant cameraman for about a year and half. In 1973 he joined “Doordarshan” as a cameraman. 

In the start of his career he even worked as an assistant cameraman for an INDO-RUSSIAN children film “THE BLACK MOUNTAIN” with Russian Director Alexander Zagurdi and Indian Maker M.S. Satayu in the year 1970, shot at the Karapur forest in Karnataka. 

While being in job, he took leaves without a pay and cinematographed for his first film in B/W “SAMAR SALIM SAIMON” in the year 1977, later released in 1979. 

His work was so appreciated that projects came to him one after the other with SESHA PRATIKHYA, SUBARNA SITA, BATASHI JHADA, PARA JHIA GHARA BHANGENA and others. Released in the year 1982, he did his first color film as a cinematographer with “MU TUME O SE”. 


Not only this he also has cinematographed for various short features like PHATA KAPALA, SALBEG, RATRI, BANA PHULA and a film on Goti Pratha for Government of Odisha on the tribes.

Slowly when the digital medium tried to overtake the celluloid in cost cutting and other related issues, the Television medium started booming and TV series came into being. With this Babuli Bhai also found a gap and entered the arena to work on television. He has worked with TV shows like Laxmi Puja, Prativa, Haie Phoola Gacha, Tokei, kahani, Malaya, Palasa, Maluluni Aeera Kahani and about 100 more in Odia and Hindi in Bhubaneswar and Delhi. 

His work dint only limit to films, shooting for documentaries was also love. He has also won a National Award for a Documentary “THE EMPLIMENTS” directed by Ghanasyam Mohapatra. Among documentaries which he cinematographed are ODISSAN HANDICRAFT, ODISHA TOURISM, SHREE JAGANNATH, and more… His film SOMA ‘O’ BUDA a tribal film on the BONDA tribes was also screened in various film festivals. Not only this he has also won the Chitrapuri Subarna Jayanti Samman along with best cameraman award for his first color film MU TUME O SE in 89’, and a lot more. 

With this much achievement and dedication and an outstanding performance in various fields throughout the career, the government of Odisha on its declaration about the winners of the 2015-16 state awards for the film fraternity, notably declared that Ashok Swain will receive this years Jayadev Award for a lifetime achievement in Ollywood. 

Though old age had grasped on him​, Babuli was doing a great amount of study, learning more about Indian Cinema and the World Cinema and even runs forward to teach the young makers more about film making. He will live forever in the hearts and minds of  all in Odia film industry. 


(With inputs from article by Ritesh Mohanty).



Friday, 11 May 2018 13:09 Written by

Prasanta Patnaik 


Bhubaneswar:Veteran Odia film actress Anita Das breathed her last on Friday, 11th May 2018 . She was  57. She died of cardiac arrest at her residence near Shelter Chhak in Cuttack.

Anita Das was born on 1st October in 1951.  The actress was best known for restraint and subtlety in portrayal of varied emotions. She was introduced to the film industry by Akshaya Mohanty, Hemant Das, and Bijay Mishra in Jajabara 1975. She paired with Gobind Tej in her next film Krusna Sudama.

She shot to fame instantly with her portrayal of a Female Leads that Make Guys Cry. Despite displaying her acting prowess through characters in films like Jajabara, krushna Sudama, Bandhu Mahanty, Naga Phasa, Tapoi, Sankha Mahuri, Sautuni, Samar Salim Saimon, Mathura Vijay, Alibha Daga, Tapasya, Ram Balram, Maa O Mamata, Akshi Tritiya,  Swapna Sagara, Anita  was best known for her performance in Pua Mora Kala Thakura.. She played leading roles in her early films and started playing mother roles during the 80s.  Pua Mora Kala Thakura was a turning point to her career.  Her acting career spanned more than 40 years, and she acted in over 100 films.

Expressing deep grief over untimely death of Anita Das, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said she will be remembered for her immense contribution to Odia film and TV industry.

Anita was known to me since her association in Jajabara in 1975 as Aksaya Mohanty and Hemanta Das were too close to me and they were also closely associated with “Chandrika” a magazine devoted to literature, film and culture which was edited by me. Subsequently she acted in “Bandhu Mohanty” produced by my fifth brother-in-law Dhiren Patnaik.

Anita was the sister-in-law of noted trade union leader Mayadhar Nayak . Her elder sister was a teacher and was very close to my wife Chndraprava who worked as the founding Head Mistress of Mangalpur Girls’ High School in Jajpur district. Therefore there was strong bond between Anita and my family and very often Maydhar babu used to speak about it.

I was extremely happy when Mayadhar babu;s son Akash made his debut in film as Akash Das Nayak and subsequently was elected to the State Assembly from B.J.D., though Assembly remained out of bounds for Mayadhar Nayak.

This month of May has proved to be too cruel to me and  my friends as I lost an younger brother-like successful media persons Chandrabhanu Patnaik and Radhanath

Mohapatra on May 10th and an younger sister-like Anita only a day after.

I sincerely pray almighty to rest her immortal soul in peace and give enough strength to Akash and all other family members to bear the great loss with courage. She will live for ever for her contribution to the Odia film industry.



Thursday, 10 May 2018 17:50 Written by

Prasanta Patnaik


Bhubaneswar:Senior Odia cinema journalist Radhanath Mohapatra, who was on ventilator since long at a private hospital in the capital city here, passed away on Wednesday (May 9, 2018).According to family sources , his valve replacement had to be done. When they had gone to the hospital, they had been informed that he had two-three blockages. He had to undergo bypass surgery plus valve replacement. On April 20, the operation date had been fixed, but on 19 night he vomited and started gasping. Following which he had been administered oxygen. After that he was diagnosed having infection and was on ventilator since then. He was also on dialysis. 

Born on May 16, 1962,to famous dramatist Narasimha Mohapatra , Radhanath had his schooling in the pilgrim city of Puri (Municipal High School, Puri) and also studied higher education in SCS College, Puri. 

He worked as a journalist with specialization in film and entertainment journalism for the last 20 years in Odia news papers ‘Sambad’, ‘Dharitri’ and ‘Samaya’. He also served as a senior script writer with OTV Tarang.Film Journalism was his forte. He worked as an associate editor in Cine Sambad. 

Mohapatra has also written mythological stories, features & lyrics.He has also served as a jury member in prestigious State Film Award & Tarang Cine Award.Mohapatra has also received the Best Film Journalist Award from Orissa Cine Critic Association, Chitrapuri Award, etc. And also received Banichitra Life Time Award, Srikhetra Ratna Award from Hanuman Jayanti Committee, Puri, Abhinandanika Award for variety writing, Millenium Award, Jaipur, Kala Mancha Award, Bhubaneswar, Adhara Award, Puri etc to his credit. 

All members of media fraternity pray God to rest his immortal soul in peace and give enough strength to his family members to bear the loss boldly .

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Thursday, 10 May 2018 10:34 Written by

 Prasanta Patnaik  

Bhubaneswar,April 9, 2018 proved to be a Black Wednesday for Odia Journalism  as two media persons worth their names left for their heavenly abode creating vacuums in the field of investigative journalism and film journalism. Two major pillars in their respective fields Chnadrabhanu Patnaik and Radhanath Mohapatra left for their heavenly abode. Both were young, energetic, and creative. 

With a small life span of only 60 years Chandrabhanu could rise to a level which very few Odia newspersons could reach. 

My special love for him was for so many reasons. His father Ramanath Patnaik was very close to my father. Though he was born and brought-up in  Bpuji Nagar one of the oldest habitations of the capital city his native village was Chhanagiri located at a distance of hardly 100 meters from my village Olasingh. His only uncle Taraprasad was my class mate in the Dasarathi Highh School . His father whom I used to call “Rama Dada “ was also a student of the same institution which was the third oldest High School in undivided Puri district which was established in 1925 by my grand father Dasarathi Patnaik . Chandrabhanu’s mother was closely related to my wife for which he had deep link with her till her death on 17th February 2016. As he was a close friend of Devi Patnaik of U.N.I. who lives near my house in Unit-2, he was dropping in at my place to talk to my wife and children. 

On many occasions I was expressing my displeasure over him for his consuming a number of pans which was making his lips red and was emitting attractive smell. He used to give a smile like an innocent boy. 

Chandrabhanu was a student of English literature and taught in Ekamara College of the capital city for few years. Since journalism was his first love he had to quit the teaching job for joining the Sambad under leadership of Soumya Ranjan Patnaik .He proved his ability as the bureau chief and earned name as an investigative journalist till 1999 to bring out “ Satabdi” a colour Odia fortnightly which soon became popular. 

Subsequently he joined as the News Editor of State’s oldest Odia daily The Samaj founded by Urkalmani Gopabandhu Dash. Soon he took over as the editor of the Samaj. 

Though Chandrabhanu was rarely visiting his native village Chhanagiri, the people of the village loved him too much and had organized a feast in the village temple to celebrate his achievement in the fiekd of journalism. All of them as wee as people of adjacent villages were proud of him. 

In political analysis Chnadrabhanu was superb. Though he had a brief stint in TV journalism as head of STV Samachar he could prove his unique ability . With his sad demise I feel too much pain in my heart and  pray for his noble soul to rest in peace and God give enough strength to his bereaved family to bear this great loss.


Biju Patnaik the Legend

Tuesday, 12 December 2017 08:38 Written by

Prasanta Patnaik,Sr.Media Associate


Shri.Bijaynanda Patnaik known as Biju Patnaik, a two-time chief minister of Orissa (now Odisha) — whose interest in aviation and remarkably adventurous life as a young pilot make him stand apart from other Indian politicians — was born on 5 March 1916 in a princely family.

His parents Shri.Lakshminarayan Patnaik and Mrs.Ashalata Patnaik were from the Ganjam district. Patnaik studied at the Ravenshaw College but discontinued his higher education as he was more interested in flying planes.

He married Gyan Patnaik in 1939. He first flew a private aircraft, and later joined the Royal Indian Air Force during the World War 2.

in part thanks to a meeting with Mahatma Gandhi, Patnaik was attracted to the nationalist movement from an early age and did his bit for the cause by using Air Force planes to drop leaflets to Indian troops fighting in Burma under the British command. He also flew Congress leaders so that they could take part in secretive nationalist meetings. For his activities he was jailed by the British government in 1942. He remained in jail till 1946.

In its obituary on him, The Economist commented: “When he was 13, Biju had met and come under the spell of Mahatma Gandhi, the proponent of passive resistance to British rule. In the war he sought to satisfy both of his strongly-held beliefs: the need to defeat Japan, and to give India independence.”

Some of his finest moments as a pilot came after the Indian independence during the Kashmir conflict and the Indonesian crisis.

As reported after his death: “After Independence, Jawaharlal Nehru chose the young, lanky pilot for a danger-fraught mission, to carry the first contingent of Indian troops to Srinagar, surrounded by invading Pakistani tribesmen. A few months later Nehru entrusted him with another task — rescuing Indonesian freedom fighters from the [occupying] Dutch forces . . . Landing on an improvised air-strip and using leftover petrol from abandoned Japanese military dumps, he flew out Indonesian leaders, who included Dr Sultan Sjahrir and Sukarno for a secret meeting with Nehru . . .

For his daring contribution, Patnaik received the honorary citizenship of Indonesia and was awarded the Bhoomi Putra, and later that country’s highest national award, the Bintang Jasa Utama.

Patnaik was elected to the Odisha Legislative Assembly in 1946. He again won in the polls in 1952 and 1957. In the 1950s Patnaik focussed on industrialisation and started several projects in Odisha, including a textile mill and a refrigerator factory.

He became president of the state Congress in 1961, with the party winning 82 seats in the 140-member House. He became Odisha’s Chief Minister on 23 June 1961. He occupied the chair for over two years, quitting as part of the 1963 Kamaraj Plan that sought to revitalise the party across the country.

Biju Patnaik was initially close to Congress leader Indira Gandhi, but he left the party after differences with her and formed his own Utkal Congress. He later joined hands with the socialist leader Jayaprakash Narayan, who had started a massive campaign against the establishment in the 1970s. Like many opposition leaders, Patnaik too was arrested during the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi.

Later he was elected to the Lok Sabha and became Union Minister for Steel and Mines in the Morarji Desai and the Charan Singh cabinets.

He continued to remain close to central politics in the 1980s. In 1990 he returned to state politics and led the Janata Dal to a handsome victory, again becoming Chief Minister of Odisha. But his party lost in the next state polls five years later.

In the 1996 Lok Sabha elections he was again elected to the Parliament. He died on 17 April 1997 after being hospitalised for a respiratory condition.


A flamboyant man, Biju Patnaik made controversial statements at times. For instance, during his second term as chief minister he urged people to beat up corrupt officials, a careless remark that backfired. In the last years of his life, his political clout was on the downswing, but he remained a popular figure in his state. His vision for Odisha in his own words was: “In my dream of the 21st century for the state, I would have young men and women who put the interest of the state before them. They will have pride in themselves, confidence in themselves. They will not be at anybody’s mercy, except their own selves. By their brains, intelligence and capacity, they will recapture the history of Kalinga.”


The Hindustan Times noted after his death: “It may not be an exaggeration to say that Biju Patnaik was the tallest among all the leaders from Orissa, who made their mark in national politics. A major reason why he acquired his status was undoubtedly his romantic, impulsive nature, which made him stand out even at a time when Nehru and J.P. at the height of their power, there was no dearth of colourful politicians in India.”

Media Person Laxmi Kanta Mohanty Passess Away (!!!)

Tuesday, 12 December 2017 08:37 Written by


Prasant Patnaik,Patron,Odishabarta

BHUBANESWAR, March 14, 2015: Laxmi kanta Mohanty editor of Kalinga Putra an Odia periodical and a social activist passed away on Saturday morning. He fell down while watering the flower plants in the premises of Kalinga Foundation founded by him in memory of Biju Patnaik. He is survived by his only daughter as he had lost his wife soon after birth of hsi daughter about 10 years ago.

Laxmikanta popularly known as " Tukuna Bhai " by the media persons, political activists , social activists and literary as well as cultural circles in the capital city was loved and respected by many. He was an active member of Media Unity for Freedom of Press (MUFP) and was participating in all gravitational program-mes of MUFP .

His sudden and sad demise has sent shock waves in the media, cultural and social circles in Bhubaneswar. Mourning his death Sambad editor Soumya Ranjan Patnaik has said," Sei Amaratmaa prati mora Sraddha Suman...", Prasanna Kumar Mishra, former editor of Sanchar wrote," It is highly untimely and most tragic."Senior media person and Odisha chief of the Hindu, Prfaulla Das wrote, " .His demise is a big loss to us.".Eminent poet Kedar Mishra while mourning Laxmikanta Mohanty's death mentioned ,"I don't know what to tell and how to react. Am totally shocked and speechless. He was sitting with us whole evening yesterday. I am terribly upset. God knows how the little one will take this terrible blow of fate. Will miss him terribly." Hara Prasanna Das poet wrote , "Really a shocking news..Just cant believe..He was personally known to me.. very lovable soul. His wife was my student in Journalism. I was also present during her death. Could not bear the scene." Manoranjan Mishra of Focus Odisha TV, Durga Prasad Mishra of Naxatra TV and hundreds of media persons , social activists have also expressed their grief at the untimely demise of Laxmikanta Mohanty.

He was known as an ardent supporters of Biju Patnaik and his body was cremated at Swargaswar Puri near the Samadhi of Biju Patnaik on Saturday afternoon.

Prasanta Patnaik,Sr. Journalist & Media Activist Filed Complaint Before Press Council Of India

Tuesday, 12 December 2017 08:35 Written by


BHUBANESWAR: (14/11/2014):Prasanta Patnaik,senior journalist and media activist has filed a complaint before the press council of India on November 13, 2014, urging the council to take cognizance of the news item published in the times of India, the telegraph and other media about the incident to bribe the media persons in a press conference at Puri organised by the parliamentary standing committee on urban development headed by Sri.Pinaki Mishra,Lok Sabha Member of Puri.

Patnaik complaint about attempt to bribe media persons at press conference organised by Pinaki Mishra, chairman of L.S standing committee.  


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