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44% Of Senior Citizens Are Treated Badly in Odisha,Sources.

BERHAMPUR:Respect for the elderly is supposed to be ingrained in Indian culture, but it may not be reflected in daily life, if the results of a countrywide survey released on the eve of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day are any indication.

At 44%, almost half the elders surveyed for a Help Age India study said they were treated badly in public, while at 53%, more than half said they believed that Indian society discriminates against elders.

Those above 60, living in the Garden City of India is not a walk in the park but a nightmare. In Bengaluru, 70% of elders said they had experienced abuse and mistreatment in public spaces. 

“Police must secure the willing cooperation of the public in voluntary observance of the law to be able to secure and maintain the respect of the public.” — Sir Robert Peel. 

Sir Robert Peel said, “Police must secure the willing cooperation of the public in voluntary observance of the law to be able to secure and maintain the respect of the public.”  

As fundamental and elementary as this all sounds, I would suggest that some police leaders in this modern era may have lost sight of these basics. 

More Peel wisdom: “The test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with it.” 

Simply stated, it’s not what you say to the public about how good you are at policing. That is very important. 

 It’s what the public feels about the police based upon what they see every day. Whether we want to acknowledge this or not, perception is reality to the public. Here are ten behaviours that fuel negative police image which you as     a police leader can minimize or even eliminate. 


Driving recklessly and/or unnecessary speeding in a police vehicle

Talking on a mobile device while driving a police vehicle

Texting while driving a police vehicle

Not wearing seat belts in a police vehicle 

Parking the police vehicle in a no parking or handicap zone

Fueling the perception of special privilege

Accepting “police discounts”

Unsightly personal appearance

Non-uniform uniforms

Treating individuals disrespectfully no matter the situation 

Maintaining the positive image of the police has always been a challenge since the days of the first known as a Police. 

With the advent of social media, this challenge is augmented exponentially. At a moment’s notice, the misdeeds of one officer can go viral across the globe without any ability to mitigate or reconcile the damage of the Uniform, criticism  in public place, Group discussion etc... 

 What are the most common daily activities that a officers at Police Station level can use to   fuel a negative impression on Police image (?). 

The Police should look to all citizens in a common manner.

The duty Constable at door end of the IIC at PS should behave with politeness to all visitors as per the rule under Police reformation act. 

No Senior citizen should detained even for minute to meet the Officer by the constable  according to message of DGP,Odisha. A Visitor should feel when to a Police stations  the politeness as well cordiality from the Police.

But last couple of month in Berhapur city it’s observed something is lacking somewhere according to our field investigation in some police stations (?).

The concern officers at PS might be thinking those publics are visiting to Police Stations means all are Un-educated, misconduct persons or may be a complainant etc..Who fully depends on us or begging Justice(?). 

But they should not forget it’s their duty and does   not mean that all visitors are obliged by them and forgetting to their rules which is to abide mandatory (?). 

The Police Officer should remember where they all seating  to give justice to public and to discharge their responsibility within  the boundary  of the law. 

Odisha Government adopted so many flexible act for the larger interest of the public “ How one can be very closure to Police and maintain a healthy relationship” So that  he or she can able to  establish a good friendly relation with Police. 

Recent past SP, Berhampur conducted a cordial meeting to built a constructive relationship with Public and Press as because the people of the city are very gentle and especially Berhampur  Press People are very cooperative   which I never experienced in compares of my other Work Stations said, SP,Mr.Pinak Mishra. 

Now it’s a big question in every one’s mind if everything is good than why this kind of discussions in city(!), FACT or FALSE (?). Where is the leakage (?) which to be found very seriously by Police District Administration only. Or should we underline it may be a conspiracy to defame the existing police administration (?).





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