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Tuesday, 07 August 2018 11:46 Written by


New Delhi,07/08/18:In present era of heavy competition in car-market, it is quite likely that manufacturers and dealers of new cars might not be having much profit on sale of new cars. But extra-ordinary heavy prices of car-spares provides heavy profit to car-manufacturers for which they monopolies. Such higher retail price of car-spares provides them enough room to pass on heavy commission on car-spares to car-dealers which are also service-dealers. This is the reason that car-dealers offer heavy discounts of upto 50-percent on labor-charges. Study can prove that a new car assembled from new spare parts purchased at maximum-retail-price will cost much-much higher than the price of new car purchased from car-dealer at ex-showroom price. 

National Anti-Profiteering Committee under Department of Revenue of Central Government should look into the matter, and ensure that car-manufacturers may lower prices of car-spares with some reasonable margin only. The Committee should also take up matter of having uniform specifications for essential items like battery, tyres and similar other items for all car-manufacturers to largely reduce inventory with dealers. Bulk production in same sizes and specifications will further bring down cost of such items due to mass-production of items under same size and specification by merging some nearing sizes and specifications. Such guidelines though also mentioned in auto-policy of Union government, are never followed in actual practice. 

Too many variants of any car-model confuse customers. There may be just two variants apart from the third with automatic gears, one basic Lx for economy customers and the other Vx with all company-fitted extra accessories and luxuries for affording customers. There is no sense in having too many confusing variants like Lx, Lxi, Vx, Vxi for same model. India being biggest consumer-market amongst nations with free economy, it has certainly power to dictate its consumer-friendly terms for global market-leaders collaborating car-manufacture in India.






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Wrong to encourage digital-payment through RuPay and BHIM platforms now by 20-percent rebate in GST with capping of rupees 100

Monday, 06 August 2018 02:57 Written by


New Delhi,06/08/18:The Goods and Services Tax -GST Council on 05.08.2018 cleared a pilot project to offer digital incentives, in the form of cashback of 20 per cent of GST paid on business-to-consumer transactions using RuPay and BHIM platforms, subject to a cap of Rs 100 per transaction. It is beyond understanding why central government is encouraging digital payment of small amounts through BHIM-app etc in a country where still majority people are illiterate and have to depend on others for payment through mobile-phones with all chances of frauds. Even incentives on card-payment for petrol, diesel etc. now should be withdrawn. 

Instead central government should concentrate more on big payments to be made only though banking-transactions and card-payment. Every dealer registered under GST must be compulsorily having card-swapping-machines. Since traders at times charge two-percent extra on card-payments which is transaction-chargee imposed by banks for providing card-facility for payment, Central government should devise some mechanism whereby such transaction-charge may not be levied by card-issuing banks as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility, which is now mandatory for all companies. Then it can be easily ensured that all payments above rupees 10000 may be done either through cards or bank-transaction. Even heavy limit of rupees 200000 for payments on events can be withdrawn to bring it down to rupees 10000.





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Bank-penalties mount to rupees 4988 Crs in 2017-18 with private banks having major share: Penalty for minimum balance must go

Monday, 06 August 2018 02:53 Written by


New Delhi,06/08/18:It refers to shocking report about total rupees 4988 crores combinedly imposed by all banks including private and public-sector banks with major share grabbed by private-sector banks. Major share in such penalty is for not keeping minimum balance in accounts. At a time where Central Government is insisting on banking transactions with introduction of zero-balance bank-accounts under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna, it should be ensured that requirement of Minimum-Balance in all types of bank-accounts for both public and private sector banks be abolished. 

Private Banks have too many hidden charges including various types of penalties with different rate-structures. Department of Financial Services – DFS and Reserve Bank of India -RBI should introduce common rates of penalties imposed by banks. Private and public sector banks should compete through better services rather than having right to impose penalties as a measure to increase profitability to counter losses due to Non Performing Assets -NPA. Common persons must not suffer through money-minting penalties to counter losses due to NPAs.




Delayed but step in right direction that Air India stops meals in short-duration flights to cut expenses

Saturday, 04 August 2018 13:45 Written by


New Delhi,04/08/18:Since every private airline-company in India except Jet Airways has discontinued serving free-of-cost meals, snacks, beverages etc in domestic-flights as a cost-cutting measure to provide cheaper air-tickets, Air India should have also adopted the same practice long back. Rather all these private-airline companies started profiteering by selling food-items at prices much higher than normal market-prices. Now Air India has decided to give boxes of low-cost peanuts etc instead of costly snacks but only in short-duration flights upto one hour. 

Air India instead should totally do away with free-of-cost food in all its domestic flights, and follow most other private airliners to sell food-items as a cost-cutting measure to bring down heavy losses greatly hurting public-exchequer. It is a matter of concern that private airline-companies are minting money to regularly add to their fleets with new and latest aeroplanes, public-sector Air India on the other hand is regularly adding to its accumulated huge losses.

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Thursday, 02 August 2018 13:43 Written by


New Delhi,02/08/18:In a suo-motu cognisance, the Supreme Court on Thursday restrained media from telecasting images and videos of minor rape victims, even in blurred or morphed form.

Expressing concern over identity of child rape victims being revealed by print and electronic media the apex court said that even morphed picture should not be published.

The court also asked media not to interview alleged victims of sexual assault and said that “they cannot be compelled to relive trauma again and again”.

Earlier, the apex court took suo-moto cognizance of the Muzaffarpur shelter home case in which a shocking 34 rapes were reported. The court issued a notice to the Bihar government seeking a detailed reply from the state administration.

The SC observation comes on the backdrop of a rising number of cases involving minors – the most notable being Kathua rape and murder, wherein the victim was an eight-year-old girl from Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua district.








Clubbing 'Best Parliamentarian Award' for five years makes mockery of the award

Thursday, 02 August 2018 13:24 Written by


New Delhi,02/08/18:It refers to President of India on 01.08.2018 giving Best-Parliamentarian-Awards clubbed for five years together for the years 2013 to 2017 with two of five awards going to BJP Parliamentarians and one each to Parliamentarians from Congress, BJD and TMC. Evidently such usual practice of clubbing these awards for several years is done towards a please-all-policy where Parliamentarians this time are selected two from ruling party, one from main opposition Congress, one from third-front and one from a non-aligned party. Similar practice of please-all-policy was adopted was adopted for the awards clubbed for the years 2007 to 2009 and 2010 to 2012. Recipients of this award are usually veteran Parliamentarians who have been either a former or present minister or a leader of an opposition-group as if only floor-leaders and front-bench members are eligible to be honoured with Best-Parliamentarian-Award. Big question is why these awards are not awarded each year rather than being clubbed for several years just for political unanimity. 

If the Parliamentary Committee set up for the purpose really wants to motivate members to be good parliamentarians, it should select the awardee through a properly drafted computerized system by a point-system for various qualities required in an ideal Parliamentarian. Rather new and young Parliamentarians should be encouraged for better performance by giving them preference for being selected as Best-Parliamentarian on regular basis rather accumulating awards for more than one year. 

Wit and humour in Parliamentary proceedings as once desired by prime Minister are need of time. There was a time when two Houses of Indian Parliament used to function rather smoothly without wasting much by interruptions because of sense of humor by Parliamentarians like Pilu Modi or Atal Bihai Vajpayee. Once the then Opposition Leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee challenged the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi for a public-debate at Ramlila Grounds, New Delhi. Mrs Gandhi tried to avoid by saying that Hindi of Vajpayee was beautiful. Lok Sabha was in full laughter with instant response from Vajpayee was that Indira Gandhi in herself was beautiful. 

Congress hits a self-goal while attacking BJP for Rafale-deal but accepting Bofors a big scam

Thursday, 02 August 2018 13:17 Written by


New Delhi,01/08/18:It is indeed funny that Congress hit a self-goal while attacking BJP for alleged scandalous Rafale-Deal, by confessing infamous Bofors deal to be a scandalous one when its mouthpiece National Herald published headline-story with heading “Rafale-Modi’s Bofors”. It is clear that by placing Rafale-deal with Bofors-deal at par, Congress has made confession that Bofors-deal was a big scam in case the party considers so about Rafale-deal. 

It is better if owners of political industry of Congress close down its fast-diminishing political industry under present party-leadership, to save their hard-earned money through ruling the country for last seven decades except for some years ruled by other political parties or alliances. Party-owners are said to have enormous amount of money from which they can buy complete political parties to purchase support for its dynastic undeserving President as next Prime Minister of India. Congress is also on back foot by unnecessarily opposing National Register of Citizens when it was creation of Assam accord signed by its own Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, with video-clippings of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi available openly talking about necessity of sending back Bangladesh refugees after 1971-war.

Government-servants should follow Union Finance Secretary for depositing gifts received with government: Gifts from non-relations be banned (!).

Thursday, 02 August 2018 13:11 Written by


New Delhi,01/08/18:It refers to noble example set by the then Revenue Secretary (now Union Finance Secretary) who on 08.11.2016 deposited all Diwali-gifts received in his absence at office or residence with government-Toshakhana handled by Union Ministry of External Affairs, straight away refusing to accept when he was personally present at his office or residence. Hansmukh Adiya should name who offered these gifts so that such people may be booked under recently legislated Anti-corruption Bill which provides for action against bribe-givers also. Gifts need to categorized as bribes.

Central and state governments should remind all concerned ones including Parliamentarians not to accept gifts by non-relations. Gifts received in absence should be deposited in Toshakhana. All those getting salaries from public-exchequers should file an annual statement of gifts received with their respective authorities naming also who made the gifts. Such details should be put on respective websites of public-authorities. Even there have been cases of judges in higher courts who oblige by receiving Diwali-gifts and at their family-functions sometimes through their relations. 

Since society does not reform itself, central government should impose a total ban on gifts, cash-envelopes, costly platters by non-relations at family-functions and festivals. In earlier time, system was devised for a noble cause of assisting non-affording ones to perform marriages of daughters. But with changing time, cash-envelopes and costly gifts have become a show of unholy status which in fact is a forced and compulsory burden especially for middle-income in a status-conscious society. Parents of brides are forced to present cash-envelopes, costly gifts and fancy platters of sweets and fruits to relations and friends of grooms. All this is responsible for taking birth of girl-child in a family as bane rather than boon. Banning gifts will make people enjoy in such functions with happy mindset without realizing it as a burden to attend such functions, apart from checking extra-ordinary traffic for distributing Diwali-gifts.


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