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Monday, 13 August 2018 12:32 Written by


New Delhi,13/08/18:Somanath Chatterjee the former Lok Sabha speaker breathed his last on Monday at the age of 89. Chatterjee was admitted to hospital in Kolkata following a heart attack on Sunday morning and was put on ventilator support. It is reported that he was also suffering from kidney ailments. 

Chatterjee’s was earlier in June admitted to the hospital after he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke. He was released from the hospital but re-admitted on Saturday. 

89-year-old Chatterjee had been associated with the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and served as the speaker of Lok Sabha from 2004 to 2009 during the UPA rule. 

Elected as Member of Parliament (MP) ten times, Chatterjee is also one of the longest-serving parliamentarians. He was first elected in 1971 as an independent candidate after which, he joined CPI-M. 

Chief Minister of Odisha Mr Naveen Patnaik condoles death of Somnath Chatterjee.In his tweeter Patnaik quoted “I was shocked and extremely sad to learn the passing away of Shri Chattarjee a stalwart parliamentarian, popular amongst people and one of greatest Speaker of Lok Sabha.A huge loss to the Indian democracy”.







Welcome initiative by MPs for curbing population-explosion

Monday, 13 August 2018 05:14 Written by


New Delgi,13/08/18:It refers to media-reports about 125 Parliamentarians of different political parties like BJP, TDP and shiv Sena led by BJP MP Uday Pratap Singh from Hoshangabad having submitted a memorandum to President of India urging a total ban on government-facilities to families including government-service on birth of a third child. They have even demanded, though not practical enough, of 10-years imprisonment on birth of a fourth child. 

All government-facilities including all types of subsidies like on LPG and ration, reservation-benefits, promotion and appointment in government-service, right to contest elections etc should be abolished on having a third child in the family. Rather than 10-years imprisonment on birth of fourth child as suggested by MPs, it should be mandatory for every hospital, private or government, to compulsorily sterilize the woman where husband or wife have more than three children. It is also time to follow other Islamic countries where only one wife may be permissible for a man.




Input;Madhu Agarwal

(Guinness Record Holder for letters in newspapers)

Elections for post of RS Deputy Chairperson was between matured BJP leadership and immature Congress leadership

Friday, 10 August 2018 04:13 Written by

By;Madhu Agarwal

(Guinness Record Holder for letters in newspapers) 

New Delhi,10/08/18:Elections to post of Deputy Chairperson giving a appreciable mandate in favour of NDA candidate Harivansh Narain Singh of JDU was in fact an election between matured leadership of BJP and immature leadership of Congress. BJP played its cards well to reaffirm support of JDU by making its first-time Parliamentarian elected to the post with a comfortable margin not only retaining its other allies like Shiv Sena together, but even gaining support of other regional parties like TRS and BJD. It was like a friendly match when Bihar Chief Minister showed courtesy by calling Delhi Chief Minister for support. But on the other hand, Congress President who made a shocking surprise by hugging Prime Minister, did not exhibit even symbolic curtsey when he deliberately failed opposition unity by not making a courtesy call to Delhi Chief Minister seeking his support for its candidate. If Congress would have tactically supported NCP candidate for the post rather than fielding its own candidate, election would have been certainly a close neck-to-neck fight with regional parties including ally in NDA would have supported UPA candidate. Parties abstaing from the elections would have also supported UPA candidate on being called by the NCP candidate. 

Now it is certain that Congress will play into hands of BJP by breaking opposition-unity, thus paving way for a single-party rule of BJP which should be thankful from its inner heart for Sonia Gandhi for her putting oldest national party in hands of a totally immature dynastic leader.






Dalai Lama on Nehru-Gandhi role on partition of pre-independence India - Reality or opportunism

Friday, 10 August 2018 04:05 Written by

By;Subash Agarwal

(Guinness Record Holder for letters in newspapers) 

New Delhi,10/08/18:It refers to Dalai Lama on 08.08.2018 at Sakhali – Goa, making surprise revelations about role of Nehru and Gandhi on partition of pre-independence India. Dalai Lama was at time of independence of India was a little child that too in far away in Tibet, never knowing that one day he will be taking shelter in India and will become an international figure to comment on such issues. His comments, though may be near truth, seem to be opportunist because he did not disclose it during long regime of Congress in India. Politics apart, Indian government should query Dalai Lama about source of his knowledge, and advise him to restrain himself about making such comments because still he remains a refugee in India and must not make political comments. 

However it is a common knowledge that both Gandhi and Nehru were amongst those responsible for partition of the country in interest of Nehru. Real fact is that election of deserving Sardar Patel as first Prime Minister of India was vetoed despite Nehru not getting a single vote by the authorised committee for the purpose. Almost all members of electing body voted in favour of Sardar Patel except one who voted for Achgarya Kriplani as per reports on social media. However it remains a big surprise why present BJP government at the centre continues political worship of Gandhi rather than replacing his monopolised photos on currency notes by those of great freedom-fighters like Lala Lajpat Rai, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagatsingh, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Udham Singh, Ashfulla khan etc.







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Regular Killing of army-men in Kashmir by Pakistan-sponsored terrorism - Permanent solution possible without War

Friday, 10 August 2018 04:01 Written by

By;Madhu Agarwal

(Guinness Record Holder for letters in newspapers) 

New Delhi,10/08/18:It refers to four more army-persons killed in Kashmir valley by Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. Union government always assures of fitting reply to Pakistan which often results in some persons of Pakistan-army or militants killed by Indian army. But such regular counter-attacks in no way prevent more killing of army-men. 

Only and best remedy for permanent solution to Kashmir problem is to repeal articles 370 and 35A of constitution to bring Jammu and Kashmir in national network without any special status. It is a well-known fact that supporters of Pakistan and militants helping anti-India forces are present in Kashmir-population. Abolition of article 35A of constitution will make such anti-India elements diluted and ineffective. 

To counter political opportunism by opposition parties, Prime Minister after repealing articles 35A and 370 of constitution through ordinance, can surprise opposition by announcing a snap poll seeking mandate of people on such drastic action to solve permanently Kashmir problem. Evidently people will provide necessary mandate through a massive support for such a step if taken.







Thursday, 09 August 2018 17:58 Written by


NEW DELHI,09/08/18: The government had an easy victory in the election for the post of the Rajya Sabha deputy chairman, as the opposition came up short in a contest that was seen as a test for its unity in the run-up to the 2019 national election. The government had 125 votes against opposition's 105 in a house with a majority mark of 119. In the gripping build-up over the last few days, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah worked the phones and won over fence-sitters like Naveen Patnaik. 

The opposition votes fell below the expected 110 as five lawmakers - two from the DMK and one from Trinamool Congress - and the YSR Congress stayed out. 

Notably yesterday late evening Odisha Chief Minister announced his support to NDA Govt to scribes  after arriving at Bhubaneswar  from his Mumbai trip. 

Over the last two days, BJP chief Amit Shah had also diligently worked the phones, managing to get the support of miffed allies Akali Dal and Shiv Sena, who initially decided to abstain.



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Mourning Cover on M. Karunanidhi

Thursday, 09 August 2018 17:46 Written by


Bhubaneswar  9th August: A  black bordered Mourning Cover  on M. Karunanidhi was issued by the Mourning Cover Society of India at Bhubaneswar today.  The Day of Death Mourning Cover was made on the evening of the 7th August after the announcement of Kalaignar’s death and posted the same day. It was cancelled on the next day at the Philatelic Bureau at the Bhubaneswar G.P.O and later delivered by the Sahid Nagar post office.   The cover was affixed with the recently issued stamp of Biju Patnaik. Both Karunanidhi and Biju Babu had a very close and special relation.  

Mourning covers are black-edged posted letters used in most countries, especially during the 19th and early 20th centuries, as harbingers of death and messengers of grief. Mourning covers and stationery are easily identified by their black borders. These death related letters  and covers are characterized by a mourning mark, almost always black, and have been carried in the public mail system of at least 250 different countries. 

Mourning covers are issued on the death of statesmen, leaders and famous personalities.  Very few are issued, and the covers are collected by philatelists. The Mourning Cover issued on Mahatma Gandhi after his death recently sold for Rs 6 lakhs.  

Anil Dhir, the founder Secretary of the Society, said that earlier covers have been issued on Biju Patnaik, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Khushwant Singh and even Saddam Hussein. Dhir has a collection of 5000 different mourning covers from 180 countries spanning a period of two hundred years. Out of the five hundred covers issued, three hundred covers have been sent to Tamil Nadu for the philatelists there.   

AIADMK government in TN follows Congress in allotting memorial-site for opposition-leader Karunanidhi

Wednesday, 08 August 2018 04:23 Written by


New Delhi,07/08/18:It refers to AIADMK government in Tamilnadu following footsteps of Congress during its regime at the centre by declining to allow burial and building memorial for the veteran opposition leader Karunanidhi at prime location at Marina Beach. Same tactics was always adopted by Congress during its long regime at the centre when it always provided prime location and huge area for cremation and building samadhis along Mahatma Gandhi Marg adjoining big area next to Rajghat. Non-Congress leaders were cremated with samadhis built on side-road of Rajghat where no visitor ever visits. Even such a unique honour was given to Sanjay Gandhi, family-member of Nehru-Gandhi family who never held any legislative post entitled for such privileged honour. 

It was nice of Atal Bihari Vajpayee government at the centre that it made a full-stop on further creation of samadhis and converting government-bungalows in memorials through a cabinet-note of the year 2000. It is yet to be seen if present central government follows the said cabinet-decision in future on death of some prominent leader of the ruling party at the centre. It is significant that all political parties have deliberately closed eyes on unauthorised encroachment of public-park in creating samadhi of former Delhi Chief Minister Sahib Singh Verma after his illegal cremation there on verbal directions of the then Delhi government. 

2000-decision of Union Cabinet should be followed in states too to avoid controversies like has happened in cremation and building memorial for Karunanidhi when the matter reached to Madras High Court in unprecedented night-hours. Supreme Court should sue-motto order to ban building samadhis and memorials at government-land and public-expense both by central and all state-governments.




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