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Tata Steel organizes Eye Camp

Friday, 08 December 2017 14:19 Written by

Tata Steel organizes Eye Cure Camp


Purushottampur,21/11/17:Tata Steel Rural Development Society (TSRDS) Gopalpur, organized an eye cure camp at Baghala village of Purushottampur block in collaboration with Sankara Eye Hospital, Samarjhola on 21st November. Smt. Jayanti Nayaka, Sarapanch Baghala panchayat, and Smt. Gita Kumari Bastiya, Samiti Sabhya Baghala, inaugurated the eye cure camp. 

Dr Asutosh Kumar, Eye Specialist, Sankara Eye Hospital and Mr Ritu Gauda, Optometry Technician examined the patients who attended the camp. Total 118 patients from Baghala, Kusapura, Gopinathpur, Sunathara, Sasanapalli, Damadorapur, Nuapalli, Jagannathpur and Padmabati villages of Purushottampur block  attended the eye camp and availed the services provided. Twenty five patients were selected for Cataract Surgery and sent to Sankara Eye Hospital, Samarjhola of Ganjam. All the expenses of the cataract surgery and medicinal charges were provided by TSRDS, Gopalpur. Eye glasses were given to 10 eye patients and some medicines were given to 58 eye patients, free of cost. 

Mr Nalini Kanta Mohanty, N Bhagyalaxmi of Sankara Eye Hospital participated in this camp for the eye check-up of the patients. Mr. Rockey Martin, Unit Head, TSRDS, Gopalpur along with all his staff had conducted the camp.

Action Against Absentee Doctors

Friday, 08 December 2017 14:19 Written by

Odisha Govt Warns Strict Action Against Absentee Doctors


Bhubaneswar,19/11/17:Odisha government has issued an official notification directing 108 doctors, who are on unauthorised leave from their place of duty, to submit replies within one month or face legal action.

The State government has so far issued notices to the said 108 doctors several times directing them to join duty at their respective appointed places but they never responded and are yet to join duty even though their appointments were made 3-5 years ago, said Health Minister Pratap Jena.

“We issued notices to these doctors but they remained incommunicado; rather they are vehemently flouting the orders. So, this is the final notice. If they fail to submit replies within the prescribed time, strict legal action will be taken against them,” said the minister.

Besides, the doctors have been sent e-mails and asked to submit replies to the same e-mail address.

The decision of the government came against the backdrop of allegations of doctors remaining absent from the place of duty and indulging in private practice.

Meanwhile, it is alleged that the doctors posted in the peripheral health centres, especially in remote tribal areas, are remaining absent as they don’t want to serve in such locations.

Jaga smile with his Mother

Friday, 08 December 2017 14:19 Written by

Conjoined twins: Jaga smile with his Mother


Bhubaneswar,07/11/17:New Delhi: While Jaga is happy on his mother’s lap and responding to music, Kalia’s condition is still unpredictable, AIIMS, New Delhi officials informed in a press release today.

Jaga has started taking diet orally and showing signs of improvement, however, Kalia’s condition is unpredictable, as per the release.

“Kalia is still in Neuro ICU. He has shown some improvement in movement of limbs but he will stay in ICU as his condition is unpredictable,” the release added.

Earlier, some plastic surgery was conducted on Kalia by a surgeon from Coimbatore.

On November 3, Jaga was moved out of the ICU to the general ward and he has started consuming semi-liquid food like banana juice and rice pudding.

CM, Inaugurates MCH Building

Friday, 08 December 2017 14:19 Written by

Naveen Patnaik Inaugurates MCH Building


Bolangir,21/10/17: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik inaugurated the newly-constructed building for the Government Medical College and Hospital (MCH) in Bolangir on the premises of District Headquarters Hospital today.

Patnaik also launched several other developmental projects, including a water supply project on Tel River. “I am very glad to inaugurate the water project which will provide water to the Bolangir town,” he said.

Later, the Chief Minister attended a public meeting along with BJD vice president Surya Narayan Patro, BJD MPs Ananga Uday Singh Deo and Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo and  BJD MLAs Tukuni Sahu, Ayub Khan and Jogendra Behera among others.

To avoid any unpleasant situation during the CM’s visit, 20 platoons of police force were deployed at various places in the district. 

To avoid any unpleasant situation during the CM’s visit, 20 platoons of police force were deployed at various places in the district.

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Conjoined twin condition is unwell

Friday, 08 December 2017 14:19 Written by

Conjoined twin condition is unwell: Health Minister


Bhubaneswar,19/10/17:The condition of Jaga, one of the conjoined twins Jaga-Kalia from Kandhamal district, who are presently awaiting a second-phase cranial separation surgery, is unwell at the AIIMS in New Delhi.

Health Minister Pratap Jena confirmed on Wednesday that the duo has been kept under observation and after their condition improves a decision on the next phase of the surgery will be taken by the doctors.

“We have contacted a renowned surgeon from the United States who is a pioneer in cranial separation surgery. The State Government will bear the expenditure necessary for the surgery,” Jena said.

Earlier the doctors had informed that the second phase surgery of the twins was scheduled to be performed in mid-October. The operation was postponed since the duo was suffering from acute blood shortage

Doctor Unavailable In Kalahandi

Friday, 08 December 2017 14:19 Written by


Report;Dushmant Panda,Odishabarta

Kalahandi,(22/05/2017):In the District Quarter Hospital at Bhawanipatna there were 3 O&G specialist doctors to serve the people.Ater the death of the Dr.KP Naik  only two doctors remained and as both the doctors are on leave due to their health problems the Headquarter Hospital is running without O&G specialist. The pregnant ladies are facing much more problems.

As per the hospital record more than three thousand  pregnant lady came to district headquarter hospital as outdoor patients and 120 to 150 pregnant lady delivered their child through operation in each month in the hospital.

The O&G specialists from out station within the district are ordered to work at headquarter Hospital on deputation. It is said by the CDMO Kalahandi Dr.Braja Kishore Brahma that twenty three O&G specialists posts are sanctioned for Kalahandi out of which three posts for dist headquarter Hospital and other for the periphery hospitals. As no sufficient O&G specialist Doctors in our district the pregnant ladies are facing problems he added.

The O&G specialist Dr.Labanyaprava Mund who is posted at head quarter was working as ADMO in past. Dr.Hemangini Meher O&G specialist posted at Pastikudi hospital is also directed to perform duty 15 days in a month at head quarter hospital. Like that the only O&G specialist at Dharamgarh SD Hospital DR Sadanand Panigrahi and Dr.Rama Manjari of Biswanathpur hospital is also deputed to work at Bhawanipatna along with their own duty. Dr.Tapan Tripathy posted at Junagarh hospital is deputed to work at Bhawanipatna.It is known that the O&G specialist post at Junagarh was laying vacant since last 2011 and after several demands it was filled up in few month ego and after this deputation it is laying vacant now.  

As no adequate O&G specialists in the district the Govt scheme like Janani Surakshya Yojana and other programmes are not maintaining properly. Intellectuals demands for the early filled up of the sanctioned O&G specialists doctor in the district. 

World Kidney Day

Friday, 08 December 2017 14:19 Written by



Berhampur:10/03/2017 Second Thursday of every march is celebrated globally as World Kidney Day. The theme of this year is “Kidney disease and Obesity”.  To commemorate the occasion Dr Sunil Kumar Kota, Consultant Endocrinologist from Diabetes & Endocare Clinic, Berhampur conducted an awareness cum testing session for kidney ailments at his clinic premises near Kamapalli.


The risk factors for developing chronic kidney disease include high blood pressure, diabetes, family history of kidney diseases, Obesity, Smoking, Tobacco intake, Age more than 50 years, over the counter and excessive use of pain killers and repeated states of dehydration including diarrhea, vomiting, loose motion, excessive sweating. In presence of any of the mentioned ailments, one should be vigilant for kidney diseases, as they do not present with any symptoms till late stage. Therefore periodic consultation with treating physician, proper blood sugar and BP control, salt and oil restriction, regular walk, reduction of weight and avoidance of smoking cum pain killers, excessive intake of vegetables with reliance on non vegetarian foods is the need of the hour. 


The event witnessed around 50 patients of Diabetes and hypertension being subjected to kidney function testing. The audience received an educational material on Diabetes, Hypertension and Kidney ailments. The session was conducted by Mr Pradeep Subudhi, Mr Srikumar Raju, Mr Sairam Patro, Mrs Subhra Devi, Mr Kishore Patro, Mr Alok Mohanty and Mr Soumya Mohanty.

Obama urges tighter gun checks after Aurora

Friday, 27 June 2014 00:00 Written by

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