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Minor Girl Abducted, Gang-Raped front of Father

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Phulbani: A minor girl was allegedly abducted by two minor boys while she was accompanying her differently-abled father back home and later gang-raped in a forest near Partamaha in Kandhamal district. The matter came to light after the rape survivor lodged an FIR at Darigbadi police station on Sunday. 

According to the complaint, the incident took place when the girl and her differently-abled father were returning to their village via Partamaha area after applying for the caste certificate at Daringbadi. 

“We hired an auto-rickshaw from Daringbadi to Partamaha. After de-boarding the vehicle, we were walking to the village from Partamaha. As my father cannot walk properly he was coming slowly behind me. In the meantime, the two teenagers abducted and took me to the forest,” alleged the girl adding that the two accused raped her and fled the spot after committing the crime.

On the other hand, the girl’s father sought help from locals to trace his daughter. After a frantic search the girl was spotted in the forest and rescued. 

“Based on the FIR lodged at the police station, an investigation has been initiated into the incident. Medical reports will establish the possibility of rape on the girl,” informed Inspector-in-Charge (IIC) of Daringbandi police station. 

Police sent the minor girl for medical examination to the Phulbani District Headquarters Hospital (DHH).

“I examined both physical and mental condition of the girl. The medical report will be soon handed over to the IIC,” Kalpana Kumari Dalei, a doctor of Phulbani DHH.







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Berhampur: National Doctors’ day is celebrated across India on 1st July to provide honor to the most famous and legendary physician as well as 2nd Chief Minister of the West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. To commemorate this, a public meeting was organised today by Diabetes & Endocare Clinic in association with Delhi Public Senior Secondary School and Roland Junior College at the Lanjipally college campus under the supervision of endocrinologist Dr Sunil Kumar Kota. Total of 6 eminent doctors from silk city were felicitated. 

Dr Ramesh Ch Chyaupatnaik, Hon’ble MLA, Berhampur cum Chairman Ganjam District Planning Committee graced the event as the chief guest with Sri Subash Maharana, Chairman, BDA; Prof P C Sahu and Dr J Surya Rao, Chairperson and Mrs J Jayalakshmi, Dirctor, Roland group of Institutes joining the event as the guests of honour. The following 6 senior doctors of Berhampur were felicitated by reading out the citations, presentation of shawl and floral bouquet to acknowledge their sincere, dedicated and selfless patient care. The doctors include Prof Dr Harihara Patnaik, Anesthesiologist, Dr V R Raju, senior physician, Prof Dr Subhadra Mangu, Gynecologist; Prof Dr K T Subudhi, Surgeon; Prof Dr Ajit Kar, Pediatrician and Prof Dr K E P Subudhi, Anesthetist,. All the senior doctors and the revered guests unanimously appealed to the doctor community to provide selfless and dedicated service to the society. 

Sri Prasant Patra, Secretary, Principal of Roland Institutes Sri B N Patnaik, Dr Srikant Mohapatro and Dr T Tripathy; Members of different clubs including Rotary, Lions. Senior citizens, Laughing, JCI, Y’s Men, NTR Seva Samiti, Walker, Mahan Sangha, Sanskarbadi and Friends helping club; and other doctors graced the session. Total of around 150 people from different walks of life attended the ceremony as a mark of honour to the doctors. The guests and the doctors congratulated Dr Sunil Kumar Kota for successful conduct of such an event and blessed him with long life. Lastly Dr Sruti Jammula concluded the session by extending vote of thanks to all the people concerned for their valuable contribution and presence.

Distribution of Water filters under CSR

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Talcher:NTPC Talcher Kaniha under its CSR initiative distributed Water filters among Mankediasahi ,Balangi ,Kaniha on June 29,2018. This initiative intends to promote the accessibility of safe drinking water among villagers. 

Shri A K Das ,Sr. General Manager(HR) ,Talcher Kaniha & Shri M V Rao ,Officer (HR) distributed the water filters.Around 53 householders of the village were benefitted through the initiative. 

Speaking on this occasion, Shri Das expressed his happiness to be part of the noble initiative and spoke on the importance of safe and clean drinking water and how it keeps us free from many water borne diseases. He hoped that water filters distributed will help to have clean drinking water specially when the monsoon season on the arrival mode.

Dharmendra seeks clarification from CM (?)

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Bhubaneswar:A day after Odisha government denied having received any communication from the Rashtrapati Bhavan about alleged misconduct towards President Ram Nath Kovind and his wife during their visit to the shrine in March, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan today hit out at the State government for unnecessarily making it a controversy.

“As far as my knowledge is concerned there was no misconduct to the President and his wife at Srimandir. There was no report of any written complaint from the President’s office. At whose behest, such controversy is created', he questioned seeking a clarification CM Naveen Patnaik.

Pradhan further said that BJD MP Pratap Deb had also informed that government had received complaint from Rastrapati Bhavan. From whom, he knew about the communiqué, Pradhan asked.

Recently, media reported that the SJTA had received a letter from the Rashtrapati Bhavan which alleged that some servitors created problems for President Kovind and his wife Savita Kovind during their visit to the 12th-century shrine on March 18.

A day after, newly appointed SJTA chief administrator PK Mohapatra had said “We have not received any communication from the President’s office. They have not even made any oral complaint to us about misconduct by anyone. However, we are concerned over alleged misbehaviour towards devotees visiting the temple.

When contacted, Chief Secretary A P Padhi, too, said that the state government had not received any communication from the Rastrapati Bhavan.






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Dama Rout blasts on Minister Sushanta Singh

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Bhubaneswar:Lashing out at BJD leader and minister Sushanta Singh over his statement for lyric change in ‘Bande Utkal Janani’ , veteran party man and former minister Damodar Rout today said a controversial statement by a person having constitutional position on such sensitive issue will never be tolerated.

“He is trying to divide the state on regional lines by raking up such issues. Without knowing the history, one shouldn’t make such comments. I am not against the concerned minister (Singh) or the State government, but the people in power must abide by the Constitution and use their words carefully.”.” Rout told media persons here.

Attacking him further, Singh doesn’t have any political credentials and he won election only due to the popularity of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.  He was one of the BJD members, who were in a secret parley with Late Pyari Mohan Mohapatra to unseat the chief minister, Rout added.

“Along with Singh, some other party MLAs were hiding in Swosti Hotel in Bhubaneswar during a secret meeting with Pyari. After I came to know about it, I informed my colleague Prasanna Acharya (now BJD Rajya Sabha member) under whose instruction Singh came out of the hotel,” he added.

The Energy minister on June 26 had told the media that people in most places in western Odisha have suggested that the song will be acceptable if the word ‘Utkal’ is replaced with ‘Odisha’. Instead of Bande Utkal Janani, it should be ‘Bande Odisha  Janani’.







Multikant, a youth from Rourkela covered 1538 kms by walking to meet PM for Rourkela

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Report by:Rajesh Mohapatra,Odishabarta 

ROURKELA:A youth named Muktikant Biswal has opened the eyes of many and set examples for millions of people how a strong determination can make easy, a tough task. This gentleman from Khariabahal a small colony in Sector-2, Rourkela has started its dream struggle for Rourkela on 16th April, 2018. The objective was to make Ispat General Hospital(IGH) a Super Specialty Hospital and a 2nd bridge on Brahmani river near Vedvyas which connects Rourkela with Sundergarh, Jharsuguda, Sambalpur, Bargarh and other areas in the root. For this two projects, our Hon’ble PM, Narendera Modi had committed to do it as a token of his love for this city when he had his maiden visit to Rourkela in 2015 after BJP came to power. In between four years have passed, no such result was seen only within last two months some initiative has taken. Despite several reminders made from local BJP MLA, Dilip Ray and his personal visit to different cabinet Ministers in Delhi including PM, nothing much is seen. The fact of the matter, he is the local representative from BJP hence, he felt insulted for this delay. Other parties in Rourkela found it prudent to take mileage out of it. But ultimately people of Rourkela were the worst victim. Understanding this, a young man Muktikant had taken a bold step to take these issues to Hon’ble PM by walking, covering distance of 1538 kms which was a herculean task. Anyways he started on 16th April rooting through Birmitrapur to enter Jharkhand which took him 13 days time. From Jharkhand where he had got strong support from locals, then covered the distance of 205 kms to enter Bihar. During his journey in Bihar he covered four districts of Bihar i.e. Gaya, Aurangabad, Sasharam and Mahania. Continued his journey to enter Utter Pradesh and crossed Allahabad to Lucknow. In Lucknow he met PM’s representative Bharat Dikshit and asked him to help him meeting PM. He gave him best wishes for the unique effort and then he started his journey to Agra where he covered total 1330 kms from Rourkela, But here he had some health issues, like he gone senseless on road. The locals there they took him to a hospital where he got treatment and diagnosed for low BP because of weakness.

Despite this, he remained strong and continued his journey, on 17th to reach Mathura and then he enrooted through Haryana to reach Delhi, his final destination on 26th June. Upon reaching Delhi he thought his first priority would be to meet Juel Oram, Cabinet Minister in Centre, the local MP of Sundergarh from where he belongs. His expectation was on high that he will get due support from him to make it possible to meet PM. But all efforts and enthusiasm had broken into pieces when he said that, nothing was required as such for this. Already Govt. is taking action and few crores has been sanctioned by him for Super Specialty hospital and the initial work has already begun for 2nd bridge, hence, the move was not required and it has become a political issues and congress is backing him. He also said PM is busy, hence, his officers will suitably arrange his meeting with PM if the schedule is made possible because of tough other priority. A person who has taken such hardship meeting you for a purpose in your constituency, should be encouraged immediately not to throw acquisition on him which will demoralize him. This approach by the Hon’ble minister was criticized by many people. Anyway during his journey many people and organizations who don’t know him came forward and help him, cheer him and felicitated him for his grand effort. Even people are there in Delhi to help him and Muktikant in an interview to a media house said he will go to PM office and will wait for 3 days for PM’s appointment, if nothing will happen in between he will go on hunger strike. I think in this earth, to present your views in a systematic way takes a lot of time and hardship. But this young man is the bank of power and self determination. None can stop him, says people live in his dwelling place. A good task taken should get good result is the aim of this mission and we wish him all good for the cause of the development of Rourkela.

Remote Odisha village wins national award for prevention of alcohol abuse and addiction

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By Akhand 

Bhubaneswar :Lariapalli, a small tribal village in Odisha which once had an addiction rate of 90%, received a National Award for outstanding services in the field of Prevention of Alcoholism and Substance (Drug) Abuse, 2018 in Newdelhi. Over the last 3 years, this Gram Panchayat that used to consume 2.4 quintals of alcohol per day, now consumes 0 units of alcohol. 

Owing to persistent efforts in community mobilization, awareness drives and behavioral training workshops organized and led by The Art of Living volunteers under the leadership of Bhola Nath, director, Art of Living, Social Causes, with the support of the head of the Gram Panchayat Shukru Kujur and Odisha Government, that brought large scale attitudinal shifts in this particular village. 

In a letter recommending this Gram Panchayat for the National Awards, the Odisha Government detailed the innovative approach that helped make this area completely addiction-free, and said it was the emphasis on bringing behavioral changes through the means of Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation with the help of The Art of Living’s Vyakti Vikas Kendra, making it a truly community driven program, that led to this success. 

Uniquely, before starting off with the community mobilization drive, a key aspect of the transformation process, Bhola Nath also led 50 village locals, including Sarpanch of Lariapalli, Shukri Kujur through a transformative community empowerment workshop called the Youth Leadership Training Program. After going through the program, Kujur passionately got involved in making the village addiction free. 

Bhola Nath said, “The Art of Living conducted ethical and motivational training of these volunteers to become development agents for bringing about positive attitudinal change in the tribal population” . 

Zero alcohol Consumption : 

The extent of alcohol consumption was 2.40 quintal/day in the 9 revenue villages and 3 hamlets of the Lariapalli G.P according to Excise Department information. Now it has reduced to zero. There were 6 excise cases of illicit selling of country liquor in the year 2016-17, which have come down to 3 cases in 2017-18 and so far Nil during this year. 

Engagement and Awareness : 

After the liquor shops being shut down, those running illicit liquor businesses and those working there have been brought into work under MGNREGS engagement, particularly in developing water harvest structures and irrigation for agriculture including horticultural plantations, gainfully employing them. 

Through door-to-door survey the volunteers continue to identify regular addicts and work towards bringing them out of the addictions by providing them social engagement and spiritual tools to manage their addictions, said Kujur. 

With awareness drives, and The Art of Living’s behavioral change programs like Youth Leadership Training Program, the GP managed to curb the demand side, and imposed heavy fines on people caught selling alcohol to curb the supply side of this industry.


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Report;Badal Tah,Odishabarta 

Rayagada, June 28:The second day stir at IMFA took a U turn while hundreds of members of three workers’ unions of IMFA, Therubali alongwith Zilla Adibasi Sangha, an apex level tribal organisations of the district took out a rally in front of IMFA office and marched to District Collector’s office at Rayagada. This was to counter the protesters led by Sri Jitu Jakasika, who, according to the marchers, was an outsider not belonging to the block. While marching the gave slogan against the district administration alleging having a bias towards the agitators. 

Members of IMFA Workers Union had an argument with Sri Prabir Nayak, Sub-Collector, Rayagada while the wanted to give a memorandum to the Collector en-masse. My Nayak emphasised that not all the workers but their representatives numbering four to five. “There are hardly thirty five to forty persons sitting in front of IMFA gate and forcibly obstructing the labourers to enter into IMFA campus. This has hampered the livelihood of poor labourers. If the administration do not take the protesters agitating illegally, then the workers will be forced to resort to blockade in front of the collector’s office”, warned the General Secretary of the Workers’ Union. To this, Sri Nayak, Sub-divisional Magistrate was infuriated and asked whether they have taken legal permission for loud speaker, etc. Sri Rabindra Patra, IIC, Rayagada also reiterated that legal procedures needed to be followed before resorting to any kind of protest. Mr Nayak then told the marchers to keep calm and cooperate for an amicable solution. 

Though the agitators, congregated under no banner, are protesting with a plea that not a single demand has been fulfilled by IMFA authorities within one month as agreed upon during the tripartite agreement earlier, IMFA’s management refute any such lime limit. According to officers of IMFA, most of the demands are either met or in the process of being fulfilled. The mobile ambulance will be operational in July. Local youths will be skilled under DDUGKY at JK Pur and ITI, Therubali to acquire employability. An inventory is being made regarding the numbers of workers going to retire and dovetail skilled youths in the gap. Sexual Harassment Committee and Internal Complaint Committee are in place. Facilities of workshed, toilets and drinking water are provided for the working women. The Chinmaya Vidyalaya authorities have been instructed to strictly adhere Right to Education Act. A drinking water project containing 3000 litres of overhead tank will be completed at the fag end of July. Five to six villages will be electrified through solar power. The contractors have been instructed to follow the Minimum Wages Act. All these have been given in writing to the Collector. 

Nevertheless the protesters are questioning about the pollution, illegal land acquisition, meager wage to workers, etc. The Collector has taken the issue seriously that the workers were not paid 18 days wage during the stir and lock out held during month of May.

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