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Monday, 11 February 2019 13:44 Written by

Report;Ayush Patnaik,Odishabarta 

Bhubaneswar, (Dhauli) ,10/02/19: It was the concluding day at the 15th Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav presented by Department of Tourism, Government of Odisha and organised by Orissa Dance Academy & Art Vision, Bhubaneswar. Reverberating the gospel of peace and rejuvenating the nuances of Indian classical, martial and contemporary dances the valedictory evening was realy a splendid one leaving the connoisseurs mesmerized. 

The programme started with Odissi dance by Madhulita Mohapatra and Group from Bengaluru. Their first presentation was Shivam Dhimahi followed by Hari Samaran Mado. Both the items were choreographed by Madhulita Mohapatra. Next programme was Kathak dance by Rani Khanam & Group from New Delhi. Their first items was Nachat Sudhanga Sri Nanda Nadan followed by Yamunastakam. Next presentation was Contemporary Dance Kalarippayttu by Sreejith T. R. & Group from Kerala. The acrobatic movements with the varied traditional weapons displayed by the artistes stunned the audience. 

The concluding item of the concluding evening was Make in Odisha presented by Orissa Dance Academy, Bhubaneswar, Cornucopia Creations, Bengaluru and Md. Saiful Haque, Moksha, Cuttack. The artistic composition of Make in Odisha engages with a very broad canvas, covering numerous episode of the historical glory and artistic excellence of Odisha. 

The guest of the evening were Maj General  Basanta Kumar Mohapatra,Dr SK Tamotia,Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,Sebtan Joseph,general Manager,HR,NTPC,Dr Sunil Kothan Dance Critic,Manoranjan Panigrahy,Principal Secretary, Culture Department,Dr RK Pattnaik,Tourist officer,H.Q,Guru Ratikanta Mohapatra,Director,Srijan, and Guru Aruna Mohanty, Secretary, Orissa Dance Academy. The programme was compered by Anuja Tarini Mishra and Dr. Srinivas Ghatuari.


Monday, 04 February 2019 05:07 Written by

Report by:Rajesh Mohapatra,Odishabarta 

ROURKELA,03/02/19:Most awaited’ Brahmani River Festival’ inaugurated with all joy and enthusiasm and today was the second day of the musical bonanza. This evening was the event by many famous artist hence, gathering was good enough to witness the mega musical and dance nights. On the first day many chairs for audience were remaining vacant though entry to the event was absolutely free. Rourkela Municipal Corporation (RMC) has spent a lot of money for this cultural mega event but it seems, promotion for the event had to be more aggressive and precise. Anyway, efforts are encouraging. On the second day of the evening the main attraction was Prince Dance Group(India Got Talent) from Berhampur and they performed beautifully to the expectation of the  audience followed by Adivasi dance from Nabarangpur, dance from Lehri group from Sambalpur, dance performance form Nupur Dance group from Kolakata, India’s famous dancer, Harihar for his unique dance performance has mesmerized the audience. In music section, the famous Rituraj Mohanty was the main attraction and he sang all his favorite songs for more than 30 minutes which made the crowd rejoice with his singing. Again the evening was cherished with dance programme by Music Circle one of the leading musical organizations in Rourkela. The evening was all crowded by maximum young students who loved this slightly chilled evening with their friends and relatives enjoying dance and music programme with spending time in eating varieties of foods available in the stalls. The final day of the festival will be more attractive and it will showcase what Odisha is all about..

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Thursday, 31 January 2019 11:07 Written by

Report;Pranya Panda,Odishabarta 

Berhampur,31/01/19:The Berhampur Mahanagar Mahotsav  which is on the way of full grip in Berhampur City for last five days. 

Many intellectuals and Media persons of Berhampur city have accepted their active participation with a determination how to make the Mahotsav a grand success continuously for ten days. 

This socio cultural festival is different to give optimum entertainment to the people like cultural lover of Ganjam as well Southern Odisha. 

This Mahotsav is not dependent on the position of the sun, but on position of the moon. On this day, the moon light evening enters with many intellectuals and Media persons of the city to present the local cultural events and many ollywood talents. 

Narayan Mahankud, President, of Mahotsav  said that, benefit of highest merit acquired by a Holy dip on the every evening before the lord Jagannath as a token of implication. It is widely accepted that there is an inseparable relation between the media persons and huge audience for last five days. The Mohotsav celebrated their festival with gusto and fervour and they consider their festivals sacred and so participation. 

BIswanath Patnaik, Secretary of Mahotsav committee said that, the main aim and object  of the festival is to revive and protect the rich culture of hidden talents of the Ganjam and display its extravaganza and traditions.

For visitors it means a closer understanding of the people and culture of Ganjam. The festival unites one and all  and people enjoy the colourful performances, crafts, sports, food fairs, games and religious ceremonies. Traditional arts which include paintings, wood carvings, and sculptures are also on display. Patnaik added.

Manoj Kanta Dash, Journalist cum Co-Ordinatotor of Mahotsav committee said, this is the right platform for artists for showcasing rich art and cultural tradition of Berhampur city and its peripherals.

While interacted with  the Cultural committee chairman Ms Rashmita Panigrahy,she said as on date we have Padmashree Jitendra Haripal the famous talent of our Nation for “RANGAVATEE” song, In coming days we already received the confirmation from Human Sagar ,Popular cine singer in Odia film Industry and Abhijeet Majumdar popular Music Director, Singer of Odisha.

Last five days many eminent persons have joined as guest like Bijoy Kumar Dash,ADM,Ganjam,Dr RCC Chyu Patnaik,MLA Berhampur,Subash Moharana Chairman BDA,Pinak Mishra SP Berhampur,Rajendra Prasad Dash, Vice Chancelor,Berhampur University,Amarendranath Mishra,Vice Chancelor,Khalokote College University and Journalists’ Shaktidhar Rajguru, ,Manoj Kanta Dash, ,Jaganmohan Mohapatra,Dandapani Pradhan, ,Sammer Kumar Acharya, ,Debahari Behera, Sudeep Kumar Sahu,Chiranjeet Rajguru,Pranay Kumar Panda,Ms Rashmita Panigrahy,joined  guest  speaker .

Among others Satya Chetan Parida,Jogi Nahak,Asit Kumar Panda and ,Abhiram Patro those have extended their full cooperation  to make these ten days function as grand success.


Filmy Chakkar 2 concludes at IIMC; Every film is political: Dr Shoma Chatterjee

Wednesday, 16 January 2019 16:21 Written by


Dhenkanal,16/01/19:National Seminar on ‘Political Narratives in Indian Cinema’ organised Dhenkanal:  With an objective to embed an implicit understanding of the world of cinema among the students, IIMC Dhenkanal organised a National Seminar on ‘Political Narratives in Indian Cinema’ here on Wednesday. Speaking on the event, senior journalist and film scholar Dr. Shoma A. Chatterjee said, “I can not differentiate between political and so-called apolitical cinema. In my opinion, every feature film has political undertone in it. Every film is political.” 

Speaking on her topic, ‘Creativity Challenges to Capturing Conflict on Screen’ she said, “Even if you analyse a social or fantasy film, you will find the perspective of the creator in it. This particular opinion shapes our political views in a way. Hence it is safe to say that every film carries a certain amount of direct or indirect political messaging.” 

Deliberating on ‘Grassroots Democracy and Regional Cinema’, Regional Director of IIMC Dhenkanal Prof. Dr. Mrinal Chatterjee highlighted how democratic values are portrayed in Indian Cinema. He said, “Even in political films, which are supposed to celebrate democracy, we often see heroism and how one hero is supposed to rescue the downtrodden from exploitation. This is exactly the opposite of what democracy stands for.” 

Regional Director of CBFC, Cuttack Gopal Mahapatra, deliberated on ‘Politics and Entertainment in Indian Cinema’ while Film Researcher and National Film Award-winning critic Dr. Piyush Roy spoke on ‘Changing Celluloid Images of the Indian Politician’. A number of film researchers also presented their research papers on this occasion. 

With the seminar, the three-day-long series of events titled ‘Filmi Chakkar-2’ also concluded. A two-day Film Appreciation Workshop was curated and conducted by Dr. Piyush Roy on 14th and 15th. There was also an exhibition of film magazines down the ages curated by film scholar Surya Deo.  ‘Filmi Chakkar-2’ is the second edition of the much-acclaimed event ‘Filmi Chakkar’ held as part of the Institute’s Silver Jubilee celebration last year.


Sunday, 06 January 2019 12:38 Written by

Report;Akshya Rout,Odishabarta 

Jajpur,06/01/19:The week long annual Dharmasala Mahotsav  in Dharmasala  of Jajpur district attracted many artisans, dancers, poets , singers and other performers.
Dharmasala areas famous for   Langudi,  kaima Bajragiri,Deuli,Radha nagar and Tarapur the famous Buddhist sites buzzed with cultural activities during the Dharmasala Mahotsava for a week recently.

Dharmasala Mahotsav site has been lit up with decorative lights. Hundreds of artisans , dancers and others participated in the festival.
The aim of the festival is to spread the message of peace and love, and to educate people about the teachings of Buddha and cultural heritages of Dharmasala, said Ranjan das district collector of  Jajpur.

Besides cultural functions, many handicraft centres of the state also opened their stalls in the festival. For centuries Dharmasala area has been the pilgrimage centre for Buddhists. Buddhism can be explored through its beautiful monasteries, sculpture, paintings and its colourful festivals. One such festival is Dharmasala Mahotsava, said Chiraman  of Dharmasala block   Pravat Balabantaray  In 2007 to promote religious and cultural tourism, some organisations launched the annual festival Dharmasala Mahotsav at Dharmasala.The festival includes folk dances, Goti Pua dance, Odishi dance, Ghoda Nacha or Horse Dance drama based on the life of Lord Buddha and photo exhibitions, said Balabantaray.

Dharmasala festival is also a photographer’s delight as visually they are simply spectacular. People come from far and wide for this festival to add to the enthusiasm and joy with which it was celebrated. Ritual dances representing the triumph of Good over Evil are part of the festivities. These dances depicted the victory of the powerful deities of Mahayana Buddhism over evil spirits. The dancers are a swirl of colours as they gracefully execute the movements, wearing multi-hued robes and grotesque masks symbolising both evil and good spirits. It is an amazing sight guaranteed to hold every spectator spellbound till the very end Said Jaladhar Mohanty The President  of the Mahotsav Committee. The Dharmasala Mahotsav is the dream come true event for the people of Dharmasala and its nearby areas. Many people witnessed colourful dances, dramas and photo exhibitions.


Saturday, 05 January 2019 04:02 Written by

Report;:Rajesh Mohapatra,Odishabarta 

ROURKELA,04/01/19:Cultural Academy one fo the finest socio-cultural organization is known for producing artists in Art and Drama , has inaugurated its 33rd Loknatak Mahotsav in Civic Centre, Rourkela. The chief Guest of the event was Dilip Kumar Mohapatra, ED, Rourkela Steel Plant where as Hiralal Mohapatra was present there as Respected Guest and Ramesh Chandra Rout, eminent drama artist has lamped the lamps to kick start this gigantic drama sensation. Mr. Mohapatra the chief Guest of the event in his address vocally praised the effort made by this organization for their splendid effort and said how drama empowers everyone in their ethical and intellectual thoughts which is much required. He also said Natak gives the right information to society and save the mankind from evil thoughts. The other guest of the evening Hiralal Mohaptra, GM,RSP said Cultural Academy is very instrumental in choosing right scripts which brings them success over these years. If we want to save Drama then we have to encourage the artists who are having active roles to make this success. He also added that RSP as an institution has been very supportive for different organizations to safeguard our rich culture through different art and drama. Pravat Mallick, president of Cultural Academy has given the inaugural speech where as Akshaya Samal, General Secretary of the organization managed the entire programme. Cultural Academy has felicitated, Ramesh Chandra Rout, the eminent poet and Drama Artist for his contribution to literature and drama. Late in the programme one drama, ‘Andha Drushti”was played by the artists of ‘Sobha’, a cultural organization from Balesore. In the end Pasupati Nath Chatterjee of Cultural Acadmey has given the vote of thanks. In the beginning all the guests including the audience has maintained silence for a minute to pay tribute to the departed soul of Director, Mrunal Sen, eminent Film Director and  Kadar Khan  the famous Actor and Script writer of Bollywood, who passed away recently.


Wednesday, 02 January 2019 08:50 Written by

Report;Rajesh Mohapatra,Osdishabarta 

ROURKELA,01/01/19:This New Year is very special in point of view coming General election and Assembly election to be held in 2019. Rourkela is known as an Industrial capital of Odisha and here people across the life stays here. Hence, celebration different cultural or any other celebration of national importance is celebrated with all joy and with the new ideas. This year also people of Rourkela celebrated and welcomed New Year-2019 in their unique way of celebration, having picnics with family, going to temple with family, having out-door picnic, attending different clubs and hotels organized different social and cultural events etc.. Nevertheless the enthusiasm and spirit to celebrate has been the key drive for this New Year. Different hotels and clubs have organized special events like Rourkela Club, German Club, Brahmnai club the premier clubs of Rourkela. But if we see welcoming this New Year by politicians of different political parties is something different and this time more efforts are put in to attract voters of the city. It has been a tough time for politicians in a state like Odisha where two elections are simultaneously being organized. The task on politicians is more and to lay the game of politics becomes more challengeable. But this time tend is something different, Dilip Ray, MLA, for Rourkela constituency has resigned from BJP citing reasons of not keeping commitments of constructing 2 nd Bridge on Brahmani river and IGH to make Super Specialty Hospital despite Narendra Modi’s assurance given in 2014. Anyway it has affected BJP hugely although they deny this pressure. Dilip Ray is a key influential person in the area of politics in Rourkela and he deserves to be an influential person. He is having a good will among the voters and their workers. When he took the decision and had given the resignation, since then he is been out of station and is returning Rourkela today. His followers are all encouraged and highly excited, banners and posters are pasted all over the city to welcome and to remind his terrific statement he has given, ‘Prathame Mati, pare party’ (means first my motherland then my party) which impresses a lot and will buy the confidence of the voters and his followers. Now assumptions are made that he is going to join BJD but nothing is certain. He has not spoken a word on this. The political gimmick is now on stay until and unless he clears his intention. His decision is going to take the way ahead for different political parties to decide their candidates for the constituency as well as other constituencies. Time will say how it is going to play, may be in a month time from now.



Saturday, 29 December 2018 04:29 Written by


New Delhi,28/12/18:It refers to the film Accidental-Prime-Minister released on 28.12.2018. The film based on the book by Sanjay Baru, media-advisor to the then Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has caused waves of embarrassment in Congress party for obvious reasons confusing everyone in the party whether to demand ban on the film or not. Any such demand to ban would have been considered as attack on freedom of expression. 

Damage-control exercise of Congress President by giving special honour of symbolic cake-cutting to Dr Manmohan Singh on occasion of Foundation-Day of oldest political party with Congress President seen helping him, and confusing talks by party-cadre for demand to ban of the film bounced back giving extra publicity to the film which is said to have projected Dr Manmohansingh having acted on directions of the then Congress President during his tenure as Prime Minister. Ignoring release of film would have been beneficial for Congress. 

It is noteworthy that famous Hindi film Aandhi was banned in Congress regime at the centre because of common knowledge that the film was based on real life of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.




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