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T Krishna Reddy, Prince Dance Group, Berhampur

T Krishna Reddy, Prince Dance Group, Berhampur

Manoj Kant Dash, Berhampur on 30-08-2009

Prince Dance Group Contact Person;Mr.Raj Kumar,Mobile: +919583888722

Congratulations from Orissa, We are the first media house who reported your win to the world the very moment you won it on Colors TV.

odishabarta:- Congratulations Sir. How did Prince Dance group come into Existence? Who was the first person to dream it(?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- I myself was the first dreamer and formed this Prince Dance Group at Ambapua, Berhampur.

odishabarta: - When it started what was your aim? To win prizes or to show your talent(?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- Nothing only to explore the Orissa talents specially Ganjam District.

odishabarta: - How many members are there currently in your group? Introduce them with their names.


Krishna Reddy (PDG):- 25 members as on date and all have participated in India? Got Talent.

odishabarta: - What do you all people do for a living? (jobs / work).
Krishna Reddy (PDG):- Only this for self employment.

odishabarta: - Who was your inspiration for creating Prince Dance Group(?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- Non other than me.

odishabarta: - When was your first performance(?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- At Mumbai.

odishabarta: - You were the first team from Orissa to perform in Boogie Woogie and get recognition? How did you decide to go there and compete(?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- From Sony T.V we applied to participate and selected.

odishabarta: - What did you learn from your experience with Sony TV's Boogie Woogie(?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- During 2006 we were nominated to perform in Boogie Woogie and presented our performance and become runner with Rs.75,000/- cash award that developed our confidence level before the T.V camera.

odishabarta: - When did you hear about India's Got Talent(?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- From Colors television advertisement.

odishabarta: - How did you decide to participate in the programme(?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- Concept developed based on mythological performance.

odishabarta:- How do you manage to collect money for your programmes(?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- Self finance.

odishabarta: - When you went to the finals of India's Got Talent, what was your biggest fear on stage / who was your biggest competitor(?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- Sneha & Richard.

odishabarta: - How do you plan to perform a particular act? Who does the planning and who directs(?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- I myself the Director no decision rather decision was made instantly to present a lucrative item.

odishabarta: - Do anyone of you have any training in dance and or performing arts(?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- Yes, everyday my team practicing two to three hours daily.

odishabarta: - Where is your official practice room(?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- At Ambapua entrance point of Berhampur Silk City in a rented house.

odishabarta: - Tell us about your time table in a typical day(?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- No, time table because prior to this T.V channel before that we have performed for Maa T.V, Gemini T.V, E-TV, etc.

odishabarta: - After winning the coveted India's Got Talent show, you have become stars over night. How do you feel (?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- I am not feeling that I was a star I am casual rather the concept what my team presented in final round I am thankful to the Orissa voters for them only my team own the top rank.

odishabarta: - People from all over the world want to meet and interview you, and felicitate you? How do you people feel about it (?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- I am really feeling great by now felicitated by our popular Chief Minister Mr.Naveen Patnaik, KIDS Bhubaneswar, Sambad, Samaj, International Sai School Bhubaneswar,
E-TV and odishabarta and invitations are there from Rourkela Steel Plant, Blind School of Berhampur, Bhubaneswar Lions Club.

odishabarta: - Did you ever dream of such a day(?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG): - Unexpected dream even today also I don? believe for such achievement.

odishabarta: - Government has decided to provide you with free land to establish your own dance academy in both berhampur as well as Puri. Are you having any plans (?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- Already we have received a confirmation that Orissa Govt. to provide 4 acres of land at Amabapua but Govt. land was not available at Ambapua they have decided to provide a land at Gopalpur and 1Cr for building construction. Southern region RDC looking into the matter.

odishabarta:- What are your future plans(?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG): - International level competition.

odishabarta:- We came to know that you are denying people to perform because of a pact between Prince dance group and Colors TV? Is it true? If yes, was it a pact which was part of India's Got Talent or it is a new agreement(?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG): - Yes, at the time of fulfilling the participation form with colors T.V they have made an agreement that we can? perform for two years anywhere without their knowledge. The condition was 1st year our share 40% and remaining 60% of colors T.V subsequently for second year the condition was 50%-50%.

odishabarta: - Are you planning to expand your group and include more people in it (?).

Krishna Reddy (PDG): - Definitely to encourage and involve more and more people in our team education was not the condition rather Talents proves everything.

odishabarta: - Give your words for all people of Orissa as well as world, which are deprived and poor and yet who want to leave their mark in the world, you have been idols for them.

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- Votes supported us for this success otherwise we were in doubt on such tough competition in the final round. So convey my best wishes to entire citizens those have voted us globally.

Through your media convey my special thanks to Puri Kansu Group they have allotted 2000 sq.ft land at Puri to my Prince Dance Group, convey my best wishes RSB Metaltech Pvt.Ltd they have given us 10lacs and we also in this success Orissa Govt. planning to send my team to London and New York the entire cost shall borne by the State Govt. and during December this year we are leaving for U.S.A.

odishabarta: - Strict talks that some active politicians were involved behind the screen to gain their political mileage.

Krishna Reddy (PDG): - No, question only those leaders were encouraging to us.

odishabarta: - Last but not in the list tell us a sentence.

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- I was restricted to move in two wheeler I don? know for what reason. But a temporary Maruti Ritz provided to me for the time being till the awarded car reach. And I have decided I shall dedicate that car for public utility service in emergency for free of cost.

odishabarta: - Thank you for giving us so much time.

Krishna Reddy (PDG):- Thank you.

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