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Report;Dushmant Panda,Odishabarta 

Kalahandi,14/08/19: Kalahandi District is mostly affected with flood since last two weeks. With low pressure in Bay of Bengal heavy rains continued last 6th August till 9th..

Just after two days intervals again heavy rains on track till 12th August. The meteorological department declared red warning to the district for heavy rains.

More than 30 thousand people are affected for this flood situation. More than 60 villages of Thuamul Rampur Block, 220 villages of Lanjigarh Block, Villages of Karlamunda Block, Kesinga Block and M Rampur Block are most affected.  As on date villagers of 7 villages in Lanjigarh block are within the flood water and out of external communications. 

 As per source in Lanjigarh Block the Malijubang, Kankutru, Lanjigarh Road,Lanji,Bhurtigarh, Champadeipur, Lanjigarh, Chhatrapur, Biswanathpur, Kamardhha,Baterlima and some other interior Gram Panchayats are mostly affected on fllod. Like that in Thuamul Rampur Block the Kerpai,Silet, Nakrundi,Taljhapi,Kiapadar grampanchayats are mostly affected. In m-rampur Block and Karlamunda Block the rivers are over flows and flood situation is going on. In Kesinga Block the widest river Tel is over flows and flood situation is going on. 

In Kalampur Block the Hati River is overflows  with rain water as well as the surplus water flows  by the Indravati  Mangalpur Barage and the villages like Biripur, Natikhal, Karmeli, Dangariguda etc are under the flood water as the said villages are at the river bank. 

In Junagarh Block the villages at the Hati River bank are mostly affected. The village like Kotengaon, and the  Kachharpada village were within the flood and villagers suffered a lot. The heavy rain water flows over the Hati River bank villages and thousands of Acre of crop land were affected. The crop Land of Antarla, Ambadula Villages was mostly affected by the flood as most of the lands are in downstream. 

After heavy rains from 12th Aug  892 villager from  10 Grampanchayts of 3 blocks like Karlamunda, Kesinga and Madanpur Rampur Blocks are rescued by District administration and kept them in safe places. The shifted people are given dry and cooked food by the administration, Says emergency officer. The devotees blocked at the Belkhandi Shiv temple under Kesinga Block were rescued by the ODRAF team. One Tata magic vehicle was flowed in the Kaliganga river in MadanRampur Block. 

In between Revenue Minister Sudam Marandi visited the district and review the flood situation and directed the district administration to provide assessment of flood situation so that state government can provide assistance.

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