World Tthyroid Day Followed by Walk

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World Tthyroid Day; Interactive Session Followed by walk by Diabetes & Endocare Clinic




Berhampur Dated 25th May 2017: Internationally 25th May is celebrated as World Thyroid Day. To commemorate that, Diabetes & Endocare Clinic, Berhampur in association with Senior citizen forum, Lanjipally today has organised an educative session followed by an awareness rally at Divine life society premises, Lanjipally. Mr Siddharth Sankar Swain, IAS, Sub collector, Berhampur was the chief guest with Prof Dr B N R Subudhi, Head, Ophthalmology, MKCG Medical College, Mr Trinath Moharana from Sanskarbadi organization and Mr E T Rao from Forum for Ganjam as guests of honour. Prof Bhaskar Padhy from Senior Citizen Forum presided over the meet, where Dr Sunil Kumar Kota, consultant endocrinologist from Diabetes and Endocare Clinic, participated as the chief speaker/ resource person. Then the guests flagged off an awareness rally of around 80 people which carried placards containing information on thyroid disorders. At a subsequent event held at Christian Hospital, Dr M Nanda chaired the session which was joined by Dr Puspita Behera, Dr Rohini Pradhan and other doctors, nursing staff and the patients.   Dr Sunil explained to the audience and the pregnant ladies at Christian hospital about causes, symptoms and treatment of various thyroid disorders.


Now 12% of total Indian population are affected with Thyroid disorders. Earlier the cause was iodine deficiency, now these are predominantly due to autoimmune imbalance. These are seen 5 times more commonly in females. Hypothyroidism is a state associated with low thyroid hormone levels in the body. It presents with weight gain, body aches, dry skin, tiredness, hair fall, constipation, irregular menses, infertility and depression. Hyperthyoridism denotes high thyroid hormone levels in body and presents with weight loss, trembling of hands, palpitation, feeling of excess heat, sweating, repeated motions, redness of eyes. Sometimes a swelling in front of the neck can be there called as goiter. It can affect newborns, growing children with impaired mental, physical and sexual growth. Thyroid testing should ideally be done in all pregnant ladies to avoid complications. Treatment is in the form of tablets, radio iodine therapy, surgery etc. Dr Sunil emphasized upon the fact that timely treatment and periodic follow up with doctor prevents the complications. Total of around 1800 educational materials on Thyroid disorders was later on provided to the participants and the public during the rally. 


Finally Dr Sunil stressed on the fact that the following group of people should undergo thyroid blood testing: Every pregnant lady and newborn children, all ladies, all males over 50 years of age, those having family history and those having Diabetes, Hyprtension, Cholesterol Problems, Obesity etc.  Additionally blood test for Sugar, Thyroid and BP was done for all the participants. Dr Sunil Kota has also revealed his ongoing activities regarding training doctors from various departments on diabetes and thyroid disorders under the aegis of Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI). Sub Collector, Sri S S Swain and Dr M Nanda from Christian hospital lauded the efforts by Dr Sunil to educate both doctors and general public and requested Dr Kota to further carry on with his awareness activities for people from various sectors. Lastly coordinator Dr Bhaskar Padhy extended vote of thanks to the guests and concluded the session.

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