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By; Odishabarta, Bureau 


Bhubaneswar, (09/04/2017): While the Naveen Patnaik government takes credit for making Bhubaneswar a “Health Hub” with establishment of many big hospitals who claim to provide “world class” health service to people of Odisha, many of such hospitals are exploiting the patients and violating rules under the very nose of the statutory authorities like Directorate of Health and Medical Education, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation, Bhubaneswar Development Authority, Director Fire Safety etc. 


 It seems that the State Government has learnt nothing from the fire accident that killed 20 patients in the Sum Hospital last year as most of the over 1200 private healthcare institutes have not implemented recommended fire safety measures. Shockingly, only three out of it, all located in Bhubaneswar, possess 'fire safety certificate'. According to reliable sources Sunshine Hospital, which claim to be a 100-bded Super Specialty hospital located at 124, Puri - Cuttack Road, Budheswari Colony, Laxmi Sagar, Bhubaneswar though have started functioning since 2015, so far it has not obtained the approval of BDA (Bhubaneswar Development Authority) and required “Fire Safety Certificate “.The fire service directorate issues the certificate to those establishments, including high rises that adhere to its fire safety recommendations. Strangely the Directorate has turned Nelson’s eye towards this, throwing lives and properties of patients and attendants into risk.


The hospital which is located on a highly populated busy area of the city have no space for entry of fire tenders at the time of emergency. It does not have adequate parking place for parking of ambulances and minimum number of vehicles of the patients also which are essential .It clearly exposed the government's lack of interest for the safety of people in the state. This encourages violators to thrive and endanger lives of people..


This hospital allegedly do not have no objection certificate from the Pollution Control Board and it has no Hospital Waste Handling as well as Garbage Handling facilities. Though this comes under the Directorate of Health and Municipal administration for mysterious reasons the concerned authorities were not taking any action in this regard.


Though the founder of this hospital claims, “We would like to state that we are truly fortunate to be a part of Odisha`s healthcare journey to become the hub of the Indian healthcare journey with a team of doctors that is driven by the passion of providing best patient experiences and excellent outcomes. Our patient first approach has always groomed us to ensure that we provide the best possible medical care using state-of-the-art technology to every single patient, irrespective of their social background or financial ability.”  In reality the financial ability is given priority while treating the patients. 

It is alleged by several patients that most of the doctors force the patients to carry on many costly investigations which are not essential. 

The doctors with a mission to serve the people of Odisha have been eased out as they reportedly refused to exploit the patients according to the sweet will of the non-Odia bosses .Most respected, efficient and patient friendly medicine super specialist Dr. Amitabh Mohanty is a burning example. The hospital authorities used Dr Mohnaty’s reputation to gain good will and attract patients, but finally Dr Mohanty was forced to resign as he did not succumb to the pressure of non-Odia bosses to exploit patients in all possible unethical manners.

Very strangely health minister Pradip Amat , who belongs to legal fraternity have never taken any interest to ensure that the private hospitals and medical establishments to run according to the law specified by the Government, which is a matter of shame. It is high time that the common people of Odisha , leaders of all political parties, media should rise to the occasion to ensure safety to the lives and properties of the people of the State and to ensure that the violators get exemplary punishment in order to create a healthy  situation. The media should play a major role. Instead of diverting attention of people towards political gossips they should give importance to investigative stories highlighting about exploitation of the poor and middle class people of the State by private health providers.  

Here we would like to place some comments from the feed back  by patients to the hospital authorities which has been recorded . But the management have not cared to take any care to redress the problems.



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