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Launching of newer once a week drug for treatment of Diabetes at Berhampur


Berhampur 29-11-2016: Seven Crore Indian people are suffering from Diabetes. The existing set of antidiabetic drugs help to control sugars in the initial phase. To bring down the rising blood sugars, there are several newer drugs being scientifically developed. An academic meeting was held yesterday at Indian Medical Association (IMA) hall, Berhampur to launch one such newer drug DULAGLUTIDE for the first time in South Odisha. Dr Sunil Kumar Kota, Consultant Endocrinologist from Diabetes & Endocare Clinic, Berhampur was the chief speaker for the event, chaired by Prof Dr N C Padhi, Prof Dr Narayan Mishra and Prof Dr Lalit Kumar Meher, Head of the Dept, Gen Medicine, MKCG Medical College. Dr Kota highlighted the usage pattern, efficacy and safety profile this of drug to the audience. 


Dulaglutide is an incretin/ GLP-1 analog, given as once a week injection therapy. It acts on the pancreas to release insulin. Simultaneously it reduces glucagon release from pancreas, which normally acts to increase blood sugar. It is only such molecule which prevents death of beta cells (that produce insulin) and actually increases the number of such beta cells, if given early in the course of type 2 diabetes. The scientific study AWARD has revealed good glucose control with HbA1C, (the marker for glucose control over last 3 months) reduction to the tune of 1.5% after usage of this drug. Additionally it suppresses appetite, increases glucose uptake by fat cells and muscle. By reducing the blood pressure and cholesterol levels, it protects heart and kidney. It’s major advantage is weight reduction with average 2.8 Kg loss. It acts only when blood sugars are high and does not function when sugars are normal, so there is very less chance of hypoglycaemia. Usage of Dulaglutide has demonstrated significant reduction of cardiovascular complications and mortality and reduction of insulin requirement for diabetes treatment. It was launched in America in November 2014 followed by in India in March 2016. 


Total of around 100 doctors and post graduate students from MKCG Medical college and private practitioners from places in and around Berhampur attended the session. Renowned doctors including Prof Dr Rabi Satapathy, Prof Dr Subhadra Mangu, Prof K K Panigrahy, Prof Sudhakar Patnaik, Prof Dr K T Subudhi, Prof B N R Subudhi, Prof Dr Debi Mishra, Prof Dr B N R Subudhi, Dr Sukanti Mishra, ADMO, Dr Banka Bihari Dash, Dr Sankarsan Patro, Dr Subhash Sahoo, graced the occasion. Dr Sunil Kota concluded the session by question and answer on DULAGLUTIDE, with the audience.

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