Meeting conducted by CSE

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Meeting conducted by CSE on District Mineral & Foundation


Report by:Rajesh Mohapatra, Odishabarta


ROURKELA: One seminar was conducted by CSE (Centre for Science and Environment), New Delhi analyzing the situation of mining-affected areas in Sundargarh district to find the areas for proper investment can be made to improve the life style of people live in these areas. The seminar was conducted by the key person of CSE where participants were present from civil societies and media houses.


This seminar was conducted on 19th January after having a public meeting at Koida consisting participant members of Panchayati raj Institution (PRI) of Koida and Lahunipara blocks which are having maximum mining affected areas.


In the seminar in Rourkela at Cultural Academy, Ms. Srestha Banerjee, Programme Manager, CSE detailed about CSE functions and how it does research works to find out the potential areas where District Mineral Foundation(DMF) will invest its funds to develop the infrastructure in different areas for the locality. It is observed that requirements of looking at areas beyond 10 kms of mining areas which is considered as affected areas must go beyond its boundary for development, i.e Brhamani river the only source of water in the district having water level very low because of mining, affects agriculture in this areas must be considered for developmental activities which is beyond 10 kms from mining.


If we see DMF fund, currently Odisha top in accruals which is about 3,500 crore apart from the district(Sundargarh) is going to receive another Rs.400 crore every year in coming years. Mostly this fund is used in key issues like clean drinking water, nutrition support, affordable and quality public health care, education, employment and livelihood. After having discussion with various member participants and public, officers of CSE have discussed the issue with District Collector, PMU members and district Magistrate and have given their research report and key areas to focus on funding.


In her address she said despite DMF came into existence since 2015, the knowledge of PRI members and people of mining affected areas of Koida and Lahunipara about DMF and its activities is poor. Hence, a proper information sharing has to be done with the responsible people of the PRI and the beneficiary at large.

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