National Conf. On Clinical Cardiologists

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National Conference of Clinical Cardiologists Organised by  IACC



Bhubaneswar,17/11/17:The Odisha chapter of Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists today has organized 8th national conference at Hotel Hindustan International, Bhubaneswar. It is a 3 days scientific fiesta covering around 50 different aspects of clinical cardiology. Around 500 delegates from across the country registered for the event. Several international and national experts from various fields like cardiology, endocrinology and nephrology were invited as guest speakers.


Dr Sunil Kumar Kota, eminent Consultant Endocrinologist from Diabetes & Endocare Clinic was the sole guest speaker from South Odisha. He was invited to deliver on usage of a special group of molecule ie DPP4 inhibitors in different sub population. The DPP4 inhibitors are a novel way of type 2 diabetes management. They are not associated with traditional side effects of other antidiabetic drugs like weight gain and hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar). They have other beneficial effects like reducing BP, Cholesterol, protecting heart and kidneys of a diabetic patient. These drugs can be used safely both in young and elderly diabetics, even in patients with heart, kidney and liver impairment. These are one such molecules which can prevent beta cell decline (which produce insulin in our body) if used early on during treatment of diabetes. Later the audience engaged Dr Sunil in form of an interactive session, where Dr Kota cleared the queries of the audience about its usage. The organizing team included Padmabhushan Dr Devi Prasad Setty from Bangalore, Padmashree Dr G Vijayraghvan fromTamilnadu and Dr Mahendra Prasad Tripathy, Director CARE Hospitals, Bhubaneswar. Finally the organizers felicitated Dr Sunil with a memento of appreciation.

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