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Report;Dushmant Panda,Odishabarta


Kalahandi,(18/05/2017):Though it was decided and declared by the Administration to open the paddy Mandi by 10th of May but till now as it is already 18th of May no any Mandi is opened as yet. The Administration failed to streamline the procurement system of Ravi 2017 as Yet. So that Farmers are overwhelmed with anxiety. The RMC s have provided their infrastructures and the PACS are not yet ready to purchase paddy. Only Farmers registration is going on in maximum PACS. Some have no Digital Signature and this problems will be short out as early as possible as told by the DRCS in Charge of Kalahandi who is the Nodal Officer in Paddy Procurement. Previously the BCC Bank authority was the Nodal officer and since last Khariff the Dy Registrar of Co-operative Society is the Nodal Officer and unfortunately there is no permanent DRCS and ARCS Bhawanipatna is acting as the DRCS.



As per the target given by the state Govt.Food Supply & Consumer Welfare dept. vide their letter No.8743/27.04.2017 in Kalahandi it is decided in District level Procurement Committee to procure 85293 MT Paddy in Kalahandi out of which 80882 MT Paddy will be procured by OSCSC  and 4411 MT paddy will be procured by TDCC  from the farmers in 89 Paddy Mandies throughout Kalahandi. It was also decided that 24 quintals per acre and maximum 100 quintals from one farmer’s along with maximum 3000 quintals paddy will be lifted from each mandi everyday.



On the other hand the Civil Supply Dept has tagged the Millers to the different Mandies and it is alleged that the Mandi tagging of millers is by the pressure of the millers as per their good sweet will. It is also alleged that some vested interested corrupted millers always trying to be tagged in their own Mandi. Keeping in view of minimization of the transportation charges of paddy to mill point from Mandi the civil supply dept tagging millers, says the CSO.But the farmers raised question that when a millers of Kesinga can be tagged to 80 K.M.distance Jaipatna Mandi and why the millers belongs to Junagarh and jaipatna,Dharamgarh or Koksara will not be tagged to the nearby mandi instead of their own Mandi.




On media enquiry it is known from the farmers that where the local millers are tagged in that Mandi the rate of farmer’s exploitation is higher than others. Secondly the farmers  alleged that when they have got the experience of beaten to a farmer by the millers at Banijora mandi,threatained and beaten by millers to the farmers at Dharamgarh mandi and Kankeri Mandi and Kalampur Mandi.Like that the Local miller at Habaspur mandi thraitained and harrashed the farmers when the farmers demanded to early lifting of paddy from Habaspur Mandi in past and also there is none to solve the problems of the farmers in past.It is also a general discussion among the farmers that keeping in view of the experience of past no lo millers should be tagged in their own mandi but the farmers also alleged that by the pressure of the millers the civil supply dept is bound to tag as per millers willingness. The RMC has started the farmers awareness programmes regarding FAQ and it is whole hearted respond by the farmers in several mandies.



The farmers have a great hope that the news collector who has done smooth management of paddy procurement in highest paddy procured Bargarh District  and  the farmers are now overwhelmed with anxiety keeping in view with their past experiences and suppression of ground reality in different mandies by the civil supply dept before the District Collector because it was also experience in past that the target was also given by a chirkut paper without knowledge of Collector.




In this present scenario the farmers as well as the intellectuals are in overwhelmed with anxiety and demanded for special attention should be given by the district administration for the mass interest of the farmers of this district.

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