Swachha Survekshan-Rank not Impressive

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Berhampur has to go a long way to improve its sanitation condition



Swachha Survekshan-2017 rank is not impressive 




Berhampur,(16/05/2017):The Swachha Survekshan 2017 placed Berhampur at 187 positions out of 434 cities. We should not happy that we are placed 3rd in Odisha out of nine participating cities.  During Swachha Survekshan 2017 nine cities[1] of Odisha participated. For the first time Berhampur has participated in the survey. A team of QCI inspected areas including slums, ponds, railway stations, etc. in addition to that they interacted with people of the town. They also interacted with the municipal officials and verified many documents under the municipal self declaration.


Govt. of India announced the survey findings on 4th May, 2017. Berhampur city ranked 187 out of 434 cities participated in the survey and scored 1022 which is just more than the state average (961) and national average (988). Berhampur placed 3rd position at the state level among the nine participating cities behind Rourkela (1071) and Bhubaneswar (1254).


In overall municipal self declaration BeMC (476) has scored more than the state (394) and national (411) average which is impressive. In case of Solid Waste Processing and Disposal BeMC has scored 10 which very poor, open defecation free (ODF)/ toilet BeMC score very poor (35). But in case of ‘solid waste collection and transportation’ where BeMC scored (351) at par with both the state (352) national (360) highest score, and Capacity Building Efforts of  BeMC has scored (45) equal to both the national (45) and state (45) highest score.


In case of on-site observation BeMC scored (235) which is at par with the state (280) and national (276) average but still need to improve to the state (361) and national (483) highest score.



In citizen feedback BeMC has secured 311 which is more than the state (287) and national (301) average and ranked highest at the state level in this category.


The scores it has got in few categories is quite impressive but in many important categories it has scored very poor as compared its population, its service delivery standards and on the


 other hand the budget allocation for sanitation by BeMc remains only 5.6% of its total budget amounting Rs.1374 lakhs.



As suggestions and policy implications BeMC should come out with s strategic focus on sanitation to improve sanitation and other development aspect as well. Among the important suggestion.


BeMC seriously need a “Waste Processing Plant” and waste processing should be 100%. It should adopt sanitary landfill practice, remediation of existing dumps, waste segregation practice in all the wards, and on-site of decentralised composting practice.


Make a strong intervention to clean up public places such as bust stops, bust stations.


Immediately construction of community/public toilets where there is lack of space and also in public spaces. On the other hand households not having toilet should provide IHHL under the Swachha Bharat Scheme (SBM) to make slums and city open defecation free.


All community and public toilets should be gender, child friendly and disable friendly and all community and public toilets should be well lit, ventilated, water supply/flush and with electricity connection.



BeMC need to achieve 100% grievance readdressal within the time frame for that it should use of ICT based (Mobile Application and IVR) grievance mechanism.



BeMC should increase budget allocation for sanitation and special attention should be given to the slum sanitation.



As per the 74th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1992 ULBs given power to work on 18 subjects to implement and 8 subjects given under the Odisha Municipal Corporation Act, 2003. BeMC should exercise its power to implement these subjects.



To encourage citizen participation BeMC should involve citizen, civil society, business community and other private sector to improve the sanitation situation. And also organise citizen consultation for better implementation of projects and participate in the survey in large scale. 


Youth for Social Development (YSD) a grass root organisation working on issues of governance, child and youth development and climate justice since 2006, has tried to simplify the report by collecting information from Swachha  Survekshan  Website  and disseminated to various stakeholders to improve the sanitation situation of Berhampur city based on the findings and recommendations of QCI. YSD has also added an analysis of the expenditure made by BeMC on sanitation[1] in the last six years (since 2011) and tried to find out the priorities by BeMC. The whole purpose of this exercise are to (a) understand the methods and results of the survey to the ordinary citizens and other stakeholders, (b) create awareness among people to take responsibility for cleanliness of the city and (c) to hold accountable to the civic authorities for provision of better sanitation services to citizens of the city.      




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