BJD Workers joined BJP

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Many BJD Workers joined BJP in Rourkela


Report by:Rajesh Mohapatra:Odishabrta

ROURKELA: Under ‘Mishran Parva’, today many BJD workers with their leaders from different location joined BJP officially in its party office at Sector-3 in front of BJP District President Jagabandhu Behera and other senior leaders,i.e.  Nihar Ray, Latika Patnaik, Kalpana Lenka, Shailendra Mohanty, Sashank Sekhar Jena, Raghu Bal, Ashok Lenka, Dipak Taiwari, Binder Singh, Jetendra Agarwal, Gangadhar Das, Bhabani Kabi, Kedar Mohanty and many others.

All these senior leaders in a meeting initially discussed various issues pertaining to public interest, among those the water problem in summer and power cuts are the main issues for which BJP will discuss and will contact concerned forums to give relief to the people live here. After the discussions the main activities were undertaken for welcoming leaders of BJD who left BJD and joined hands with BJP under the leadership of the tribal leader Juel Oram and Dilip Ray, MLA, Rourkela. When asked about their decision for leaving the ruling party BJD, few said, they feel, under the BJP leadership massive changes have been resulted for the poor people and good governance is observed in all ruling BJP states. Again the leadership of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah is unmatched and they can bring a lot of changes in human life as well as economical condition of the country. Moreover, they have faith on local BJP leaders under whom they want to work and to grow. The leaders who have joined BJP from BJD under the leadership of Anurag Mishra and Siddharth Das Choudhury are Chandan Nayak, Sumit Santosh, MD Sahil, Nitesh Rajak, Annapurna Das, Smruti Das, Kabita Singh, Arashi Malhotra, Akash Nayak, Amit, Bhabo, Asha Devi and few others.

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