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ONLINE INTERVIEW WITH Ms.RUPA DASH BY ORISSABARTA2011-03-15 (Re Published on Request of Prasant Patnaik,Sr.TV Journalist,India-TV

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Orissabarta:- Madam please tells us about your child hood ? 

Rupa:-Most of my education till graduation I studied in Cuttack only. I was deeply influenced by the world of cartoons. Nature has been my perennial source of inspiration since my childhood. Even as a student life I always exhibited leadership qualities and participated in cultural activities with full zest. All through, the challenging world of media business fascinated me a lot . So being an Image Consultant I was indeed by choice rather than by chance.


Orissabarta:-Please tell us about your family Background and nativity ?  

Rupa:- I am the great granddaughter of the famous ayurvedic doctor Shri Raghunath Dash of Cuttack, Orissa. My father Shri Siba Prasad Dash who is a businessman and mother Smt Anita Dash is a social worker & activist. I recently got married to an Oriya scientist Dr Upendra Kar from Dhenkanal working in the University of California, Los Angeles. Those moments I stayed with my husband were the most memorable ones in my life. So I can proudly say there is always a man behind a successful woman. 


Orissabarta :- Your portfolio ? 

Rupa:- I am expert in Brand & Media Management and has worked as a consultant with a global set of clients like Common Wealth Games Village, Warner Brothers, BlackBerry(Research In Motion), Ranbaxy, Revlon, Panasonic, Indian Premium League-Rajasthan Royals and Airtel.My rich celebrity management experience is an asset. I always possesses excellent communication, relationship management, and team building skills with dexterity in maintaining healthy relationship with celebrities and politicians of national & international repute.


Orissabarta:- What is your memorable period in profession ? 

Rupa: - I am proud that I have worked with Abhishek Bachan, Farhan Akhtar, Deepika Padukone, Shane Watson, Shane Warne, Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, Mayawati and Amir Khan, to name a few. The achievements of Rupa at a young age have firmly established me as an icon; I set an example worth emulating for all women, especially for those in Orissa. I have designed an array of media properties.It was me who conceptualised and launched the 3G services and Wi-Max services in India. I also launched High End Hayabusa in India and conceptualised the global premiere’s of Warner Brothers’ Hollywood flicks in India. Another feather in her cap is the BlackBerry Bold and Storm launch in India. My media management of famous Bollywood films like Page 3 and Fashion created waves bringing her accolades from different quarters. Back home, I designed the Bihar Sudhar Prasashanik Mission for the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Nitesh Kumar. I ably supported the media awareness drive of Vibarnt Gujarat for the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi.


Orissabarta:- Extraordinary experience Please ? 

Rupa :- A salient feature of my career is very impressive international experience. I adorns the honour of being the youngest woman from Orissa to represent ICT delegation in Korean Electronic Show. I have also recently won the “Young Evangelist in ICT”


Orissabarta:- Please tell us about your Student Carrier ? 

Rupa:- At 27 year old I hold a master degree in Strategic Communication in International Business from Indian Institute in Foreign Trade, New Delhi. Prior to this I had completed my PG in Media & Advertising from National Institute of Advertising & Media, New Delhi and BBA from Utkal University.


Orissabarta:- Hobby Please ? 

Rupa:- My hobbies are varied. It’s a connoisseur of paintings, and loves to dance. Despite my busy schedule, I am a frequent blogger.


Orissabarta:- Rupa please tell us your Political view ? 

Rupa:- I strongly dislike ‘ideologies,’ be it liberal, conservative, libertarian, whatever. Politicians, she says never care about solving the problems faced by the common man. Their populist policies are framed to suit vote bank politics. According to me, politics should be synonymous with philanthropy; it should be a platform for social service and welfare of the nation. Then the politics of defection will become a forgotten nightmare.


Orissabarta:- What is dream for Odisha ? 

Rupa:- I cherish a spritely dream for my home state – Odisha. A dream that envisages Odisha built upon the fundamental processes at work, within the Odisha society. Many like Rupa, are committed towards the realization of that dream, even unto the last drop of their blood.I want Odisha to be free from beggary and corruption. I also looks forward to the day when Odisha will win a sizable number of medals in Olympics. But, this can happen only if the state spends more money on sports. And no state is in a position to spend money on sports, when its people die of starvation or survive on mere mango kernel. But, hopefully, Odisha will embrace changes in every sphere. A time will come, when Odisha will be the progressive face of the nation. And people like Rupa, its ambassadors, will proudly proclaim, “Mera Odisha Mahan.”







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