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 E-CONSUMER SERVICEBy;Madhusudan Parida,Orissabarta

KENDUJHAR:Repulsion intelligent business men are making duplicate of goods or crating artificial recession of brand products or general products for making more profit or blaming to competitors or blaming to existing Governing political party etc. This is the practice in our society. There are so many laws and systems are working to restrict the adulteration, artificial recession, duplication, high price etc. However Some extend existing system, process and technology are fulfilling the expectation of consumers and motto of government, then also continuous reformation is needed to prevent the contemporary fraudulent work upon goods transaction for reduce suffering of patients, disease, accident, death, harassment, dissatisfaction and evasion of taxation etc.then we think new innovating e-technology for prevent adulteration, artificial recession ,evasion of taxation ,black market both import or export in every consumable goods products in below way.


1-Every goods product large or medium or small industry or trading unit would open website and mentioned website in packet or bottle or gunny bag or piece or sheet. Or Central Government or State Government would open consumer portal.


2-Mention unique number in every unit product of any goods and make provision to find the product details (retails price, expiry date, brand name, quantity, composition, and deliver to dealer and retailer) through company website in search system by consumer or central or State consumer portal.


3-Product industry would mention product unique number along with dealer to deliver of product in industry website or Central or State website.


4-Dealer would mention retailer name which to delivered goods in industry website or central or state consumer website.


5-Dealer would only sell to register retailers.


6- Goods would be availed in any shop without a register retailer.


7- In village also one would find the product details in “Janaseva Kendra” or mobile internet service.


8-Consumer would type the unique number in website of product industry or central or state consumer portal, and it would display name of dealer, retailer and product details automatically


9- Register retailer would be posting the sale quantity in company website.


10-Unit product details would be closed in company website after expiry date mention in product or sale of product quantity, which would be earlier.


11-Unique number of unit product cannot make duplicate, because there would scope to dealer to posting one retailer name against one unique number of unit of product and quantity in company website.


12- Manufacturing date and lifetime would be mentioned in case of machinery products or metal sheets or cloths etc.


13-Above E-technology would be introduced in builder industry, hotelindustry, Land agent, Movie industry, road transport agency etc.


14- Example of system display in industry website or central or state consumer portal for details of product search.

Consumer would put unique number of unit product in industry website

Dealer and retailer name would display automatically

Display sale and balance quantity

Display of product details

Details of product not available due to outdated or out of stock or not our product

ACDY 5689




Sale- 568



Expiry date-

Retail price-



Package form-



Not available















15-Every product would be centralized in one system all over the country or state basis,and industry would maintain their sale details in one website.


16-All products websites would be available in minister of consumers Govt. of India website, beyond that if any dealer would supply product of any industry, retailers would be responsible.


17- Product without unique number would ban for sale.


18-Exactly in purchase of raw product such system would be introduced.


Unique numbers of product of specific raw material.


Unique number of owner of product

1-Owner or Trader of mineral

2-Broker of cultivation product

3-Mandi of Govt.



Any product Industry website

1-Raw material

2- Raw material

3-Raw material

Find the details of MT purchase from

Farmer or imported or mines Owner or trader

Annul consumption as on date or export

(maintained by industry)

Annual product and bye product of industry as on date

Search result of


details Stock













3- PDRTY2569


= 2 MT


Like this

1-656498 MT

2-56489 MT









19-Broker or Govt. mandi or Agent or trader would give purchase details mentioning with farmer code or mines owner or import to product factory where every farmer or Mine owner or import material would know the details product goes to which factory.


20- Farmer or mine owner would put own unique number in factory website or central or state consumer website and find own contribution.


21-New e- consumer service would prevent duplicate, adulteration, black market and artificial recession of goods.


22-Seach system would be centralized and every product industry would maintain sale and purchase in one website.


Above magnificence,reformations upon goods transaction would improve trust amongst consumer means people and fulfill expect service and increase revenue.

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