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GURU PURNIMA- PART-1By;Yogi Aswini,Posted ;Orissabarta

You are a poorna ansh of creation. That which is poorna, from which everything emerged and goes back to, that is you. Tied to the limited buddhi and the limitations of the five senses, you identify yourself as apoorna, incomplete.


Lifetime after lifetime is spent in pursuit of the incomplete...till a being finds his Guru.


A Guru is someone who does not charge you a fee because someone who is him/herself tied in maya cannot release you, he/she exudes the glow and attraction associated with yog, diseases disappear in his/her presence, whatever he/she says happens, and his chants result in divine manifestations and experiences, a phenomenon experienced daily at Dhyan Ashram.


The Guru one by one removes the veils of maya and avidya, helping a being realise his/her true potential, the realisation of which is anand or pure bliss. Before that one tends to look for happiness in the temporary, that which is destructible and certain to leave you, that which when leaves causes immense pain because you take it to be all that is there, unaware of what lies beyond.


Finding a Guru maybe likened to finding a boatman as you are stuck in rough waters. The boatman does not smoothen the rough waters, but puts you on the boat that takes you across the ocean…That is, a Guru does not promise to rid you of your problems, he shows you the path to positive karma and then liberation from the cycle of the pain of birth and death. Your problems are a result of your karma and only your karma shall rid you of them.


Making a Guru is a sadhna, which calls for 100% focus, faith and devotion. There are only a few who can ride the boat, because there are only as many who desire the final reality. The night of Guru Purnima is of special significane to a shishya. Yagya and mantra sadhna performed on this night under the sanidhya of Guru, bestows with boons equivalent to many years of sadhna put together, in just one night.



Guru Purnima is on July 19th. To become a part of Guru Purnima Celebrations at Dhyan Ashram with Yogi Ashwini ji,



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