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LAW OF KARMABy;Ashwini Jii


Creation, like anything else that is orderly, rests on certain fundamental laws, which cannot be broken, law of karma being the foremost. Even Gods, which are energies that run this creation, are bound by this law. And yet, modern man insists on his superiority over nature and foolishly tries to defy the laws of nature to create a utopian world for himself, thereby getting stuck in the spiral of devolution. The Bhagavad Gita too speaks of the infallible Law of Karma.

'As you sow shall you reap' is the quintessential proverb that embodies this very concept. Every action or deed, no matter how insignificant it may appear to be, will definitely bear fruit. Since every action is preceded with a thought, it is your thought process that distinguishes one from the other. Your thought process can either be selfish or selfless. Selfless acts are directed towards aiding the creation and bring = peace, harmony and good health in return. Selfish thoughts breed a toxic environment invariably leading to imbalance, chaos, natural calamities and a host of diseases.

Lets view the current scenario. If you look around you will find stray animals neglected and left to die and rot, without so much as even a thought. Trusted for having a sixth sense and called the man’s best friends, dogs today are not only ignored, abused, exploited and abandoned but also murdered and burnt alive!

The fate of wild animals is no different. Selfish thought of man has taken shape of urbanization and deforestation leaving monkeys hungry and homeless. Being called as ‘vermin’ these animals are electrocuted and shot down. Here one forgets that monkeys were revered, not just by Vedic people, but also by Mayans, Greeks and Romans.

It is the dharma of every human being to protect and provide for those weaker than him irrespective of their faith, culture and geographical boundary for the law of karma is universal. The karmic repercussions of hurting animals or watching it happen, are severe and will ensure a life of pain, suffering and ill health. If such atrocities continue, diseases and sickness will increase, human pain and suffering will continue to mount and nature will take recourse in order to restore balance.

Service and charity, an integral aspect of Sanatan kriya, is the key to ending pain and suffering. Even a seemingly small act of kindness will make a difference. Wake up and act now, or hells await you.

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