Salman Khan Convicted

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Superstar Salman Khan Convicted: Blackbuck poaching case


Report;Rajesh Mohapatra,Odishabarta



Bhubaneswar;The superstar Salman Khan this afternoon convicted by Jodhpur court for 5 years imprisonment which shocked the fans and film fraternity across the country. Salman Khan is a popular actor in Hindi cinema and has been earning a lot of money for himself as well as for his producers over these years. He is also a popular TV anchor and has been anchoring for ‘Big Boss’ the popular TV show. On Thursday in Jodhpur the Magistrate began his hearing on Blackbuck Poaching case which was 19 years old and the other accused were film actress Tabu, Neelam, Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre and Dushyant Singh, a local from Jodhpur. The case was filed accusing Salman Khan for killing two Blackbucks, which is a protected animal under the Wildlife Protection Act. This incident was happened in 1998 while shooting for the film ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ but unfortunately Salman Khan alone was convicted but others have left Saath Saath of Salman Khan. He was also got financial punishment of Rs.10,000. This has been the mostly sought case, locals were wanting Salman Khan and others who were with him to be punished by the court because this rare species is worshipped by some local tribal. This decision has shocked the entire film fraternity severely, mostly the producer of new movie whose shooting was going on, may be derailed for some years, if Salman Khan doesn’t get the bail. He is not yet applied for the same but he will be doing it very soon. Mixed reaction was seen from common people, many people suggested that an exemplary action should have been taken so that others should not dare for this mean act. But few others said, this punishment of imprisonment for 5 long years is too much for a case like this which is two decades old. Anyway justice has to take its own course so it did and should be accepted by everyone irrespective of position or status they hold.

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