‘Bharat Bandh’ against

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‘Bharat Bandh’ against Supreme Court decision for SC/ST was successful in Rourkela


Report;ajesh Mohapatra,Odishabarta


ROURKELA: After Supreme Court’s ruling on dilution in the Act for SC/ST(Prevention of Atrocity), the minority community had called for Bandh on 2nd April Pan India which was observed yesterday. This mass agitation was violent in some parts of India taking lives of few people where as in Odisha the protest was seen peaceful. Rourkela under Sundargarh district is a tribal dominating area where as the protest went peaceful but was successful fully. Maximum business houses and shops were closed in sector areas (RSP Township) and Rourkela area. Few four wheelers and two-wheelers were seen on roads. But the public and private transport was totally stopped causing huge problems for common people. Busses were seen standing in the Rourkela Bus stand and in some private areas. Auto services were also affected badly. People from minority communities have staged their anguish in a peaceful way without damaging any property. The areas which are more crowded in the working hours were closed, i.e. Koelnagar, Rourkela main road, Kachery Road, Civil Township, Fertilizer and Chhend. The effect was severe for workers who are working with Rourkela Steel Plant. Protesters have gheraoed  Bisra Chawk area preventing workers who are going on general shift and B- shift. All educational institutes including schools were closed. Few protestors have also jammed the railway track stopping few trains for sometime but the detention was not for a long time. The local tribal leader and MLA, Birmitrapur, George Tirkey with his many supporters have protested against the ruling of Supreme Court and the inability of Central Govt. providing due justice to minority section. He also addressed the mass rally in many places. Many other tribal leaders have also joined hand with him and they were Tej Kumar Minz, Halu Mundari, Prafulla Diga, Letha Tirkey, Sunita Singh, Buda Oram, Dileswar Bibhar, Bijay Lugun, Sashi Sagar and many others. Though Central Govt. have applied for a review petition in the Supreme Court on 2nd April, merely could not stop the violence. Many leading political parties have supported the protest by the minority communities and blamed the central Govt. for their late decisions for applying a review petition which triggered violence in some part of the country, resulting losses of few lives.

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