Festival of colours was celebrated

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Festival of colours was celebrated in Rourkela with all enthusiasm


Report;Rajesh Mohapatra,Odishabarta

ROURKELA: Holi is a festival of colours and it is celebrated all over the country with all joy and happiness. People of all caste and religions they participated in the festive occasion without having any differences. So the same is seen in Rourkela. Rourkela is known for its multi diversity and multi lingual aspects and people from across the country from all religions stay here and altogether, it is a peaceful city. Holi here is celebrated in all political offices in BJP, Congress, BJD and in other parties. This year it is a bit special because Rourkela is declared as Smart City and people are very much excited and have played Holi amicably and peacefully. People had special preference for organic colours than chemical colours as said by small vendors who have been selling colours. The entire city has become colourful and local administration and police department has taken special care to protect untoward situations created by ruffians who take this festive occasion to tease female participants. Holi was started as early as 7 am in the morning because most of the people of the town are RSP (Rourkela Steel Plant) employees and they have duty hours and before they start for their professional assignment they played Holi with their loved ones. Many students have organized special Holi occasion with mikes and play Holi with the tune of Holi songs from Bollywood. Young children are very much enjoyed this special occasion. Many charitable organizations have made arrangement of sharbat and sweets for the participants. A large rush was seen in BJD camps both the leaders from the city Sarada Nayak and Subrat Tarai had their events in their respective offices and many workers of BJD had participated in Holi celebration. In BJP camp, Holi was also celebrated, Dillip Ray, MLA, Rourkela had Holi celebration in his office with large numbers of Party workers and well wishers. All together Holi was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone without any casualties till this news was written.

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