‘JYOTI’: Centre for visually

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‘JYOTI’: Centre for visually impaired  inaugurated




IIMC Dhenkanal's Silver Jubilee celebration concludes


Dhenkanal,02/03/18:ED of Indian Oil Corporation, Sri PC Chaubey inaugurated Jyoti, “Centre for Visually Impaired” in the IIMC Dhenkanal campus as the Silver Jubilee celebration of Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) Dhenkanal concluded here on 28 Feb. 


This centre will be helpful for visually challenged, not only for communication studies but also in every kind of empowerment. MrChaubey said that it is possible to make such centres in India and that he would personally take the initiative to do so.  He remarked that he was sure that their collaboration with the institute was not a one-step event but a continuous process. 


The regional director of IIMC Dhenkanal, Dr Prof. Mrinal Chatterjee, said, “This is first of its kind initiative in this part of the country. We are looking forward to making this centre highly functional and set an example.” 


The Director-General of Indian Institute of Mass Communication, KG Suresh, commenced the opening ceremony and pondered upon the topic, “Discourse of Communication and Development”. He talked about how people do not put much emphasis on the Indian dream rather, put much of their attention to the ‘American Dream’. He took this opportunity to ask everybody to think and dream for India. He even dropped a hint of starting a Mastersprogramme in the near future in IIMC. According to o him, Development Journalism, a course available for foreign students at the present will be open to Indians.


Speaking on this occasion, Baruah said, "Earlier journalism was considered a service to the country. But now it has been commercialized. Education and communication media can play a key role in making journalism credible." 


Prof. and an eminent author, Nityananda Mishra, diplomat Sri AbasaraBeuria, SP of Dhenkanal, Sri BasantaPanigrahi, Dean of Academics of IIMC Delhi, and Prof. Vijay Parmar were also present at the event. 


Later in the day, a couple of roundtables were held on Future of Media. Renowned media personalities and senior journalists addressed the gathering on the subject in the meeting.

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