BMS Demand Action

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BMS Demand action against lady officer


Report;Dhiramohan Ray,Odishabarta


TALCHER,10/02/18:A lady officer working in personnel department of Lingaraj Area under MCL showing unmanned behavior towards both men and women workers on duty as well as abuses unparliamentarily words without any cause and throwing their lunch packs at the time of lunch hour, of some women workers and also cut their name from the attendance register. Afterthis mishap they took this matter to Area Personnel Managerand General Manager of Lingaraj Area verbally but both the officers did not pay any attention towards their allegation. After that all the workers conveyedto their trade union leaders, having heard this indecent matter The Gen. Sec. and the other fellows of Talcher KoilaKhaniMazdoorSanghaan unit of B.M.S. rushed to G.M office and demanded for necessary action against thatlady officer and G.M, APM assured them to take action after investigation. 

The Gen. Sec of TKKMS, Talcher with some workers submitted a complaint against her rough behavior and without any reason cut their name from attendance register, but till date no action has been taken by area administration though the mishap occurred more than 30 days.


Sri RanjanBehera, Gen Sec. of TKKMS told our correspondent, G.M and Area Personnel Manger are taking this issue very light and not in a mood to taking any action against that lady officer, by whichthe lady officer is very much aggrieved with this allegation againsther and treating the workers as before. Our union and others will have a stir against the Lingaraj Area administration very soon and take this matter to MCL head quarter for taking strong action against her. 


When asked APM, he told that this is an internal matter and our management will short out this, among those workers with the lady officer.This issue is became now a matter of discussion in this locality. 

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