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Phulbani(Kandhamal), Dt. 02.02.18: On the occasion of martyrs day of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, a large numbers of students from different colleges from Phulbani town of Kandhamal gathered at SAMBADIK BHAWAN, to mark the day on 30th Jan,2018 and organised a discussion on the above mentioned subject.


The event was memorable as the college students from different colleges with great enthusiasm celebrated the day for the first time in such manner . It was very encouraging to see the students getting involved actively in the event and invoking the messages of Unity-Integrity and Fraternity for the healthy democracy of the nation. It was found more delighting and appealing that the students unanimously opposed vehemently the adverse effect of communalism, religious-intolerance, caste –ism, moreover exploitation, corruption, terrorism, environmental pollution and degradation, sexual abuse, political incoherence in the life of the people of India. It was also commemorated no. of people shed their blood and energy door the freedom of India. But still India remains to be under the clutches of economic and social injustice. There is a wide spread of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, malnutrition, health-hazards affecting the lives of the people yet no substantial measures have been taken to eradicate and elevate the problems. Once Kandhamal district was neglected very badly in terms of social, economical and financial aspects till today people of the district remain neglected, oppressed, depressed because of the apathetic attitude of the political party and district administration.


Some of the students namely Rakesh Digal, Madhusmita Mohanty, Amos Sunamajhi had clearly pointed out that though Gandhiji sacrificed his life for a healthy democracy and caste free society it is still humiliating and disgusting to see that India doesn't enjoy healthy democracy and people are still under the curse of caste-ism. They suggested that the voters played a vital role to elect their representatives. So the success of democracy depends on the voters. The students like Ipsita Priyadarshini, Priyanka Patro, Debabrata Mohanty emphatically pointed out that India is a land of great civilisation and highly cultured. But yet India is going through evil elements like communalism, caste-ism, regionalism and terrorism and such ill feeling by some section of the people who are selfish and highly bias and illusion towards the welfare of other people. They clearly mentioned that selfish politicians should be discarded and dishonest govt. officials should be punished in order to establish good image of the nation.


The students like Ashes Pradhan, Bhisma Pradhan, Manasmita Behera pinpointed that Gandhiji fought tooth and nail to make India free from the British era with the help of two immortal weapons namely Non-Violence and Satyagraha opening a new leaf in the history of mankind. The great scientist Einstein once remarked "people in future will refuse to believe that a real Gandhi ever lived flesh and blood" they stressed upon that Gandhiji is no more now but his words and deeds will remain immortal. However the event was successfully organised by Campaign For Peace, Kandhamal headed by Mr. Narendra Mohanty, Secretary of the campaign and the team members like Mr. Prasanna Bishoyi and others. Mr. Jirimiya Suna Majhi captivated the hearts of the participants by his melodious opening song and Mr. Brahmananda Behera, an eminent Social Activist, Mr. Syamsan Digal, lecturer, Mr. Prasanta Pradhan, Mr.Sanjay Digal, Mr. Sumanta Karna was coordinated the programme. Finally it was felt that the students were highly impressed by the programme and wanted to conduct such programmes in the future.



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